Academics at Belmont University?

My daughter is very interested in Belmont, but not as a music biz major. Someone told her that it has a reputation for being “dumbed down” academically. Any truth to that? Also heard that if you’re not a music major you’re basically a “second-class citizen.” I’m really interested in hearing of others’ experiences there!

Nursing program is excellent! We visited the school for a second time last week. Great school for the right major. But you would think that the overall academics HAVE to be softer than some other school if you look at the average test scores of admitted students.

We did a Vanderbilt tour as my daughter was invited due to her exceptionally high SAT scores. But, we drove by Belmont and found it to be beautiful! Just don’t know enough about the school but it looks like it isn’t very competitive. She will be in the arts and humanities