Acceptance Chances?

I am a Junior in high school hoping to attend FIU next fall in 2021. I was wondering what my chances of acceptance were. I am a dual enrolled student that has a 3.8 weighted gpa (3.2 UW), about to complete my AA , and a 27 composite on the ACT.

You have a good chance, but I’ve heard of many other applicants in competitive majors getting denied with your same stats. Apply asap and you may want to retest and get a 29 or 30 as they care a lot about test scores compared to other Florida universities. FIU requires every student to complete a term in the summer, so I’d recommend applying for a summer term as you would have exceptionally higher chances, get your summer requirement out of the way, and get a feel for the campus before everyone else moves in.

Do you mind telling me your major as well as if you are in or oos?