Acceptance rate in Toledo Medical school for Bacc2MD program

Does any one know the acceptance rate for University of Toledo(UT) medical school for student who attend the UT BACC2MD program. I understand this is a interview guarantee program , but who want to know the acceptance rate. Any info will help in decision making, Thanks

I was told by an admissions Officer it was about 85-90%

I heard out of 200 students from bacc2md program only 12 will be selected.

I was also told by admission officer it was about 90%

@bacc2md, if it is 90% acceptance, then 200x90%=180 students should be admitted, is that right?

I heard now they take only 16-18 students.

All applicants are admitted to the undergraduate portion of the BAC2 MD program if they meet the following requirements:

U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status in the U.S (permanent residency “green” card). If applying as a permanent resident, an applicant must have permanent resident status at the time the undergraduate application is submitted and will be required to submit a photocopy of the front and back of their permanent residency card.
a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
a composite ACT score of at least 28 or a combined math and critical reading SAT score of at least 1260 (taken prior to March 2016) or 1310 (taken after March 2016).

per the above info, I am not sure if U of Toledo only accepting 15-18 students per year or everyone who meets the above criteria !!!

Total UToledo COM enrollment is around 700, that is about 175 per year. If they accept 180 just from any one bacc2md, it is already over total enrollment for the class and no one else can be admitted. It is impossible for the SOM, therefore, it is highly possible they only accept about 12-18 from the bacc2md program. If the bacc2md program has 200 each class, the attrition rate from the class must be high or the interview must be the threshold for screening.

It seems like 80 students are admitted to UToledo Bacc2Md program this year.

I cannot tell you how many are accepted into the program to begin with, however I can state that at least this past year only around 12 we’re still eligible (due to GPA requirements, etc) to qualify for the interview to the medical school after completion of their sophomore year. I would be interested to know how many of those 12 were offered a seat if anyone knows. My daughter received her acceptance notice yesterday for a seat and has accepted.

@UTBACMDMOM, Congratulations to your daughter, is she in Bio-Eng? 4 or 5 track?

Thank you! She is very excited. She started out in Bio-E when she was accepted to the BS/MD program (now called BACC2MD I believe) but changed to a BS in Biology and Chemistry after doing research at Cleveland Clinic the summer of her Freshman year. She wanted to be able to take more biology courses than she would have been able to take going the Bio-E route.

@bsmdseekerskg…Bac2MD typically admits only 50-60 students and if they maintain the requirements in undergrad then they are garenteed an interview with COM and those selected for interview 90% of those get into COM…hope this explanation helps…

My S got accepted to Bac2MD program with full tuition scholarship…

@sajju786 did your son get accepted directly from high school?

Thank you for the info. Anyway your daughter can contact my daughter for some questions? She is a senior who got accepted into the program. She has other options and wants to make sure she is going for the right one.

@sajju786 Can you please share your sons credentials when he applied. Thanks.

ACT 35, SAT 1570, SAT Math 800, SAT Chem 780
GPA 4.46 weighted.

From Michigan with full scholarship?