Acceptance rates BFA Dance

Wondering if anyone has a good reference to understand acceptance rates to BFA program in dance with an emphasis in ballet?
My daughter is just starting to research colleges and would like to have realistic expectations for different school (Indiana University,Butler, U of Arizona, SUNY Purchase, etc)

D18 is just completing a ballet BFA next spring. We felt the top classical ballet options were Indiana, Butler, Oklahoma and Utah, roughly in that order. Acceptance rates range from low single digits for Indiana to high single digits for Utah. USC, Arizona, Chapman and Fordham/Ailey were somewhat less classical but again very competitive in the low to mid single digits.

D felt she was fortunate to have a choice of 6 admits from 13 auditions (though only two were in the list above).


There is very little information available on acceptance rates for audition-based programs. It’s wise to assume they are highly competitive! All the schools you list are a tough admit, so you might consider expanding your list.

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