Acceptance rates within UIUC

Does anyone have a breakdown for the admission rates/criteria for the different colleges within UIUC?

Not admission rates, but frosh middle 50% ranges for GPA and test scores for the campus and each division can be found right on UIUC’s web site:

Daughter got an acceptance for electrical engineering and is not attending. She said there were 10,000 applicants just for the computer science program alone (maybe 350-400 seats?). That didn’t surprise me, given their program’s high ratings, but 10,000 is a good percentage of last year’s total number of applicants (for the whole university, I mean). So, I was curious how much of an increase there was in applicants overall this year. It appears they are no longer allowing students to switch majors into Grainger after enrollment and they are strongly discouraging (if not outright prohibiting) any switches inside of Granger (even those not attempting to switch into CS). At least that’s what they’re saying now. I am wondering whether that kind of restrictive policy might affect the desirability of that college down the line - or not if everyone else is following suit. Right now, its competitors are still largely on a “space available” policy.

Looks like the new UIUC engineering change major policies are described here: