Acceptance Thread for class of '27 Undergrad/'25 Grad

I wish there was a half heart emoji for our kids who get waitlisted.


They didn’t take take any undergrad oboes, only grad students. They waitlisted the undergrads. If a grad student declines he might have a spot. Fingers crossed.


Yes, I understand that they do this. But it is no small feat to get on their waitlist.

Well done!


Thank you so much! I am proud of him. It just stings a bit as this was his most expensive audition weekend. With his health issues we had to book an extra night’s stay on either end of his audition day. He traveled to that audition alone and we were being overly cautious. If we knew they weren’t planning to admit undergrads we could have allocated those funds more judiciously.

We’re waiting on the Oberlin decisions today. Emotionally he is the most vested in Oberlin. The school ticks all of his boxes. I do believe that we met your son on audition day.

On the positive side regarding Colburn, they may very well remember your son 4 years from now if he is looking at grad programs.


Enjoy Nashville! I noticed the MTSU recording program is on your list. It’s a really well noted program with lots of opportunities. My son has been offered a scholarship for piano there, but we’re waiting to hear from the Northeast conservatories first to weigh options.


Oh, I am sure that was pretty stressful-- but sounds like he managed it pretty well! We live quite close to Colburn; had I known I would have certainly offered to help out!

Happy to hear you may have met our S-- he loved working the auditions since he didn’t get to do any live auditions himself last year. He’s home for spring break and it’s nice to have him here.

Fingers very crossed for you and all those waiting today and the next couple of weeks. I know the anxiety is high.

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My son received his third acceptance today Oberlin. So excited! He’s away at a music festival and just called he’s so excited.

Still waiting on CIM and Juilliard

3/18 - Oberlin College and Conservatory, dual degree


Please ask me any questions here or PM me if you’d like.


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I just cheered out loud!!

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Thank you!!! I will definitely take you up on that.

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Italics = new to the list
Bold = committed!

2plustrio’s son - Vocal Performance - Undergrad

  • Mid-Jan - Gustavus
  • 2/15 - Xavier University
  • Feb/early March - Jacksonville U
  • Feb/early March - U of Louisiana Lafaytt3
  • 3/7 - Ball State
  • 3/8 - Stetson
  • 3/9 - Loyola University New Orleans
  • 3/10 - Baldwin Wallace
  • University of Dayton
  • DePaul

10boemom’s son - Oboe Performance - Undergrad

  • 3/3 - CU Boulder
  • 3/15 - Chicago College of the Performing Arts
  • 3/17 - Colburn Conservatory (waitlist)
  • 3/18 - Oberlin College and Conservatory (dual degree)

10mnpt’s daughter

  • IWU
  • 3/10- Lawrence

BennyBopper’s son - Undergrad

  • 1/27 - U of Miami MADE - Contemporary Voice
  • Stevens - Music and Technology
  • Drexel - Music Industry
  • Belmont - Audio Engineering Technology
  • Loyola New Orleans - Popular Music (voice)
  • RIT- Electrical Engineering Technology - Audio Option
  • University of Vermont - Music (Technology & Business Concentration)
  • LMU - Recording Arts
  • MTSU - Recording Industry Commercial Songwriting Program
  • CU Denver - BS: Music (Singer/Songwriter)

BeverlyWest’s son - Jazz Studies/Guitar - Undergrad

  • 1/20 - CU Denver
  • 2/1 - Columbia Chicago
  • 2/1 - UArts
  • 2/7 - Loyola New Orleans
  • 3/17 - U of Miami

erin-barrett - Trombonist

  • 3/15 - DePaul
  • 3/17 - Eastman

Fishingcamp’s daughter

  • SUNY Fredonia for music, Baritone Sax
  • Ithaca College School of Music for Sound Recording Technology :tada:

libbyshims’ son - Tuba Performance - undergrad

  • 3/1 - University of North Texas
  • 3/14 - Oberlin

macarthur’s son - Vocal Performance

  • 1/18 - TCU, alternate for Nordan Scholarship
  • 1/30 - Berklee/Boston Conservatory
  • 3/10 - University of Houston
  • 3/15 - DePaul

Momeila’s daughter - VP Soprano - Undergrad

  • Baldwin Wallace
  • Duquesne University
  • 3/18 - Oberlin

Momto3kiddies’ daughter - VP mezzo-soprano

Newbie2324’s son - Music Performance

  • 12/18 - Temple University
  • 1/27 - U Maryland
  • 2/1 - Gettysburg/Sunderman
  • 2/11 - TCU
  • 2/17 - UT Austin
  • 2/23 - SMU
  • 3/1 - University of North Texas


  • Baldwin Wallace
  • Chapman University
  • Cincinnati Conservatory
  • DePauw University
  • Indiana University/Jacobs
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • University of Portland

RussianMom’s daughter - Flute Performance

  • 2/15 - Emory, Music/Sociology, Woodruff Scholar Finalist
  • 3/5 - UGA Hugh Hodgson School of Music (plus 11/18 Sociology)
  • 3/6 - Vanderbilt/Blair School of Music/Sociology - Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship!

Shellg’s son - Jazz Studies/Instrumental (Guitar) - Undergrad

  • 12/15 - Berklee
  • 1/27 - U of Miami
  • 1/28 - University of North Texas :tada:

SnowyJoJo’s daughter - Vocal Performance - Undergrad

  • 3/7 - Baldwin Wallace
  • 3/15 - Ithaca

sssullivan’s daughter - grad school

  • 3/10 - University of Houston


  • 3/17 - Colburn


  • C0lumbia College
  • Stevens Institute
  • Harrt
  • CU Denver
  • SUNY Purchase
  • Drexel
  • 3/17 - U of Miami MADE

Hey everyone, Congratulations! A couple little administrative things:

Please tell me if I have something that needs correcting!

If you have acceptance dates, please include those. It’s not crucial if you don’t, but I think they’re helpful for future people.

Also, let me know if you want to include waitlists. They also could be helpful for future readers, but I understand if they don’t feel like they belong here (yet). I included any that were specifically noted on this thread, but if I heard about them on other threads I did not.

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Also, if posters are comfortable including instrument, voice, genre of music or focus of study, this can be really helpful to future applicants.
I see it is included on most but not all of the acceptances listed above.

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Grad or undergrad. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Sorry for confusion, it’s my son who’s applying, not daughter!
Thanks so much for doing all this! :relaxed:

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Also a big update!
He got 2 president’s music scholarships from Frost.

So Miami is very much top of the list, pending USC and Berklee!!

Good luck to everyone!


In case it’s useful, S found out about:

  • CU Denver - 3 weeks after audition
    did what amounts to EA by applying 1/1 for scholarship consideration

  • Columbia Chicago and U Arts - each 2 weeks after audition

  • Loyola New Orleans - 3 days after audition

  • U of Miami - 5 months after application; 3 months after EA audition

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I tried to send the message directly @BeverlyWest but I get an error message.

Son, undergrad, BM trombone performance:

Acceptances so far:
1/15 CCM- Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music Early- Acceptance off prescreens with no audition. (No financials yet)
3/13 Indiana University JSOM (no financials)
3/13 University of Louisville (full ride)
3/15 DePaul University (No financials)
3/17 University of Kentucky (full tuition)
3/17 Eastman School of Music ($45,000 scholarship)
3/17 Lynn Conservatory of Music (full tuition, verbal full ride)

Still waiting:
CIM Cleveland Institute of Music
Vanderbilt Blair school of music

Curtis (passed prescreen- didn’t make it past 1st live round)
Julliard (didn’t pass prescreen)


Congratulations! I think I read that this was your son’s top school?