Acceptance Thread for Undergrad Class of ‘25 & Grad Class of '23

@Pl1277 @filmandcomp @2025Class and everyone else on this thread, if you have time and remember, please let us know your final decision and your reason for making it.


We cannot believe the choice is in and all the hard work has paid off!
S will be heading to JSOM at IU this fall.

His reasons were:
*Depth of opportunities in the school
*JSOM size

All of the above for his parents too - and they would include the significant funding made available to him.

HOO HOO HOOSIERS! Anyone else heading there in the fall?


No! I did not apply for the Harvard NEC program. As a classical operatic singer I was told not to rush to finish in five years bc of the time it takes for a voice to develop. I think it’s an amazing program for instrumentalists, but not personally for me and voice. I also really love science and medicine so I wanted to keep that door open too. Thanks for asking.


@2025Class- How did you find the audition process at CMU? My S22 is a voice student as well and that is (currently) his favorite. Did you have any sample lessons there?

Congrats on all your acceptances- you really did fantastically well!


I’ve sent my son’s (BM composition) list of acceptances to stringbird, but it comes down to Royal College of Music and BoCo. Son has had RCM first throughout, got a great vibe during interviews, but he enjoyed BoCo’s summer intensives. There were some concerns about general LGBTQ environment overall, but that’s not a deciding factor at this point. (Nobody’s perfect, but they’re both fine.)

My son’s now having some real anxiety now that it’s time to commit and is waffling between the two. BoCo feels like the safer pick, but I don’t want to hold him back from RCM if that’s the better pick (anxiety aside).


Congratulations @2025Class and @FrotzLantern’s son!

Everyone, as we move into decision stage, please see this thread for the two links to enter and view music awards for the schools where you have acceptances: Music Merit Awards for Undergrad Class of ‘25 & Grad Class of ‘23
The purpose of that thread is to help future CC users assemble a realistic view of music merit money available at various institutions. Thanks so much to everyone for helping future CC users on their journeys!

2025Class - VP undergrad

BooMimiMommy (daughter) cello performance

  • 2/13 SUNY Fredonia

clarxino DMA trumpet

  • 3/11 NEC

Coffeymommy (daughter) BM Composition

  • 3/12 Ithaca College SOM

dturner55 (son) trumpet performance

filmandcomp BM clarinet performance and BM composition

  • Hartt
  • 3/11 UChicago
  • 3/13 SUNY Purchase
  • 3/15 Bard College and Conservatory
  • CMU
  • 3/30 Peabody
  • 3/30 Juilliard

FrotzLantern (son) BM Composition
Royal College of Music (London)
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Boston Conservatory
Western Michigan University

goldilockspryor (daughter) MM VP soprano

  • 3/2 NYU Steinhardt
  • 3/15 Boston Conservatory
  • 3/15 Chicago College of the Performing Arts
  • 3/15 SFCM
  • 3/18 Mannes

golf_guy (son) BM bassoon performance

Kamanuiu (son) jazz double bass

  • Berklee (EA)
  • 1/27 Duquesne
  • 3/3 Purchase College
  • 3/16 NEC
  • 3/16 SFCM
  • 3/17 The New School

Ligetimatedad (son) BM Composition

lilchaz (son) jazz bass

lintylint (MM) horn performance

lisalisae (son) BM trombone performance

  • 2/19 Michigan SMTD
  • 2/21 IU Jacobs
  • 3/19 Eastman
  • 3/31 MSM

mali1230 (son) BM Violin Performance

Mambly76 (son) BM composition

MathandSinging (daughter) VP (soprano)

  • 1/25 University of Oklahoma
  • 1/29 Miami/Frost
  • 3/3 CU Boulder
  • 3/18 ASU

mccr2401 (son)

  • Hartt
  • Belmont
  • Berklee

mezzothings - graduate VP

mhdmom (daughter) VP undergrad

msitbvs - VP grad

MTMomof2 (son) BM VP

  • 11/20 Belmont
  • 12/20 Elon
  • 12/20 University of Pittsburgh
  • Penn State
  • University of Vermont
  • 2/26 UMich

musicmom98 (son) BM

overdone (daughter) VP


Pl1277 (daughter) VP Soprano / Education

  • 12/17 LSU
  • 12/17 Ohio State
  • CCM
  • Longy
  • 3/1 UC Boulder
  • 3/8 NEC
  • 3/7 Eastman (waitlisted)
  • 3/11 Bard Conservatory
  • 3/20 Oberlin


  • 2/21 CCM
  • 3/12 IU/JSOM
  • 3/15 SFCM
  • 3/17 Eastman
  • 3/20 UCLA

shecklhj DMA piano performance

  • 2/18 University of Iowa
  • 2/18 Shenandoah
  • 2/25 Longy
  • 2/25 UNL

soprano999 MM Voice

  • 3/8 NEC

stringbird (daughter) BM viola performance

strings112 (daughter)

tablamom (son) VP (son) trumpet performance

  • 3/31 MSM

thecottens - music therapy (cello)

  • 12/18 Berklee
  • 12/11 Loyola New Orleans
  • 12/14 Temple
  • UGA

TwinMom0419 (son) BM violin

Villandry (son) BM composition

  • 1/15 Temple Boyer
  • 1/21 IU Jacobs
  • 3/11 NEC
  • 3/27 CMU
  • 3/30 Peabody
  • 3/30 Rice

violaparent (daughter) MM viola performance


Welcome to the Hoosier family!

My D graduated in 2015. Still it’s a big alumni network. Her last live opera had an alumni from her IU studio (grad student when she was UG). The filmed New Years Gala also had a IU grad (same studio again but the year after she left…he was also in a YAP with my D) and her next filmed gala for a theater company will have an IU grad (MT program). And that’s not to mention the instrumentalists in the opera pits etc who may have IU connections. It’s a small world and he will have many connections nation and worldwide.

Enjoy B-town. It’s a lot of fun for student AND parents. Lots of good food, drink etc.


Hello there, just wanted to send a note to say best of luck with your decision. My son is also a BM Composition student with an acceptance to BoCo. He is unlikely to choose BoCo because we are from Boston (he also participated in many of the summer intensives in composition and enjoyed them), but he feels that he needs to leave and spread his wings a bit. I expect that he will choose Oberlin, but he has not yet committed.

I also wanted to respond a bit on your question and concern about the LGBTQ environment at both places. I can only opine on Boston and BoCo, because we have some experience with both (more Boston as a community and only BoCo to the limited extent that my son has done programs there while in HS). My son identifies as bisexual, although he is a quiet type and not likely to join student organizations and such, he very much looks for an open, tolerant environment. The city is a very friendly, diverse place and LGBTQ friendly. In particular, the area of Boston in which BoCo is located is vibrant and artsy - and I wouldn’t have any concern about that environment for my son - and I know that he would say the same thing.

I hope that this is helpful as you make your decision. Best to you.


Thanks so much !

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@Mambly76 - my kid has a few LGBTQ friends who are at Oberlin and one identifies as asexual - they are super accommodating of LGBTQ there. I remember when we toured there was a discussion about how they can indicate on the bathroom which gender they would like W(omen), M(en), E(veryone), M(yself).


My D has decided to attend the BM Composition at Ithaca College’s School of Music.


My S has chosen to attend Purchase College Conservatory of Music. Congrats to all!


Congrats to @Coffeymommy and @Kamanuiu!!!

Also, feel free to share advice about how to get a kid to just make a freakin’ decision already! :wink:


We visited the school last week, and he was able to sit in on a class. We’re both vaccinated, too, and followed the school’s precautions. But, that definitely helped!


Also, once we got all the financial aid packages in, that played a large factor.


Congrats to @Coffeymommy and @Kamanuiu. What a milestone!!

Just a general question: Taking a deep dive into the curriculum offered at some universities, we notice that some have more extensive and demanding general education courses that may or may not related to music, both in terms of contents and time requirements. Standalone conservatories seem to have the philosophy of eating, sleeping, and music. It is an individual preference of course. I just wonder if anyone has any insight or personal experience to share, especially how it affects the future opportunity into a music performance school at the gratuade level.

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My D goes to Purchase for Vocal Performance. She tested out of all her gen eds due to very rigorous HS and lots of AP tests. She only takes music classes and helps tutor underclassman on the side. Undergrad is preparing her directly for going onto grad school. Purchase is also very heavy on teaching performance on stage since there are no graduate students which is not always the case at other school. She intends to perform on stage so not taking other classes for her is ok. I think if she was not driving to go into a career of music a conservatory would not be the right choice for her.


Change in plans! My daughter has been accepted to Cleveland!! Woo Hoo!!! She will be a cello performance major this fall.

She is squealing with delight!


It is not going to affect admission to grad school. In fact I know students who got a BA in music and one who didn’t even major in music at a BA school, and are currently in grad school. These people continued lessons and extracurricular performance- and are talented. The variations in BM programs aren’t significant for future plans.


That sounds like a great situation. Thanks for the information. Some universities don’t allow using AP credits to replace GE. It depends on schools I guess.