I am currently a junior and I am really looking forward to applying to USCGA next year. I feel as though I am academically and leadership wise competitive but unfortunately, I do not play a sport at my school. However, I am an avid runner and participate in many marathons locally. Will USCGA not accept me because I lack in the sports catagory? Do I need a coach evaluation when applying? If so, could I join cross country my senior year or will that look bad?

I recommend you go to the Service Academy Forums (link below), and the websites for the various academies, and read, read, read. Don’t ask a question until you have done your research. There is so much information, and I am sure there are multiple threads addressing your precise questions. You will learn everything you need to know to apply to the USCGA and others. Don’t let anyone tell you you won’t qualify without having done a varsity sport. While perhaps most participated in varsity sports, definitely not all of them did. The key is to demonstrate your physical fitness, academic excellence, medical qualification, leadership and desire to serve. My DS was told by more than one person he would never be accepted to a military academy because he is not an athlete. He persevered because he wants a career in the military. He just received a 4-year ROTC scholarship and is still in the running for an academy, having just received a congressional nomination. If you desire to serve our country as an officer and lead others, go for it!