Still waiting on regular decision day but does anyone know when accepted students day will be for Hamilton College

It will be April 17.

Can’t see April 17 Accepted Students Day happening now. Hamilton students just left for their 2 week spring break and the school plans to have on-line classes starting 3/30. No way they’re going to want visitors on 4/17.

Hamilton just told students today that they will hold on-line classes the rest of the semester and the college is shutting down the rest of the semester. So I’d imagine that means no Accepted Students Day.

Thanks for the information. RD is tomorrow so fingers crossed. I’m going to call and see if we can just come walk the grounds during her Spring break. She really wanted to take another look at the school before she makes her decision.

@lime2020, you should call and see what they say. You could just walk around the campus. I don’t see how they would stop you from doing that. They just don’t want to be hosting a large crowd of people which is why Accepted Students Day is canceled.

Looks like they’re going to offer virtual tours, virtual visit options, YouTube live events, online panels, etc., which will be on the portals of accepted students.

I have a son who is a senior and another son who will be a freshman at Hamilton this fall. So if you have any questions about the school go ahead and ask and I’ll see if I can help you out. Good luck to your daughter.

Thank you so much, will let you know how we make out tonight. Hoping for great news!!

Thank you so much, will let you know how we make out tonight. Hoping for great news!!

D was accepted, we are so excited! FA was not what I was hoping for so comparing against other scholarships she received. Will call the school next week to see if there is any wiggle room. Anybody have success on having their FA package reviewed with a positive change?

Email, nobody is going to be in any offices in the foreseeable future! I also work at a college, everyone is working remotely these days. Generally, there is always wiggle room for more $. Write a compelling appeal letter - be specific with WHY you need more aid, give them a monthly family budget.

Thanks, yes we are working on the appeal letter this week. Hamilton is her top choice and would lover her to go there. Family budget is a great idea.

First video for accepted students is up.

Since Hamilton is not allowing visitors to campus right now and Accepted Students Day has been canceled, they have been hosting some virtual events to help accepted students make their decisions. See Upcoming Virtual Events in the link below.

They had a virtual panel this past Tuesday with 4 current students. My son participated and thought it was helpful. They answered the question he submitted so he was happy about that. Here is the link (it’s about an hour long):