accepted students day/weekend?

<p>Hi everyone! Just wondering if or when Smith will hold an accepted student day?
New England Mom</p>

<p>Open Campus is April 10-11. Discovery Weekend (for students of color) is April 11-12. More information should be mailed to you, and there is also info on the admitted student web site.</p>

<p>They're having Open Campus and Discovery Weekend (not sure if they're the same thing). Open Campus starts Thursday April 10th @ 1230 pm and ends Friday, April 11 at 330 pm, according to the admissions packet.
You can check it out on the website for admitted students, too :)</p>

<p>I have a question about Discovery Weekend. It says that "Smith will cover the cost of travel for registered Discovery participants", so does that mean they'll pay for the plane ticket over there, or for travel around town?</p>

<p>Probably the ticket there. Did you receive your offer of admission in the mail yet? I'd imagine that's where the information would be.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone-you were most helpful.</p>

<p>Yes I got my offer of admission in the mail, but it's kinda vague. Oh well, I guess I'll find out when I register to visit!</p>

<p>discovery weekend, note, is just for students of color.</p>

<p>"Cover the cost of travel" usually means transportation to and from the event.</p>

<p>I'm going! Do they pay for the transportation of your parent, too, or is it only for the student that they cover the transportation?
Does anyone knows of any other school that are also doing this?


<p>Amherst pays for travel to a Students of Color weekend in the fall, to attract potential applicants.</p>

<p>What is unique (I think) about Smith's Discovery Weekend is that it is scheduled the same time as Celebrating Collaborations: Students and Faculty Working Together" - Smith College's annual celebration of student research and performance. On this day, we highlight student intellectual achievements and the collaborative efforts of our students and faculty in a variety of departmental, program, and interdisciplinary projects.</p>

<p>The idea is that Smith wants to emphasize that students of color are appreciated as future scholars, and hope to give them the opportunity to envision themselves as such as they see the student presentations. So all those who attend Discovery Weekend are invited to the presentations.</p>

<p>Celebrating Collaborations is also open to students who attended the Accepted Student Days Thursday and Friday - we stayed over an extra day, and are very glad we did.</p>

<p>Smith also has a fall students of color weekend called Women of Distinction and they cover costs to that as well. But WOD is a difficult thing to get into, you have to fill out this extensive application that's basically a mini-Smith application. </p>

<p>Discovery weekend is more general. And it's not scheduled at exactly the same time as open campus, it follows right after. </p>

<p>To aubrey: For discovery weekend, the weekend for students of color, Smith covers the cost of the student's travel only, and I think they probably provide food too through teh dining halls. </p>

<p>As far as I know, travel is not paid for for Open Campus, which is the general admitted students weekend.</p>

<p>thanks for answering my question!
i also have another question lol</p>

<p>i want to take advantage of this free trip and look at another college while i'm in MA. i'm torn bet/ american and smith right now. do you think there's a way that i can take a greyhound bus or something and visit american and come back in time for the event? are we allowed to leave campus at all?
i have relatives that live in MA so getting a ride in DC is no problem. thanksss</p>

<p>Well, Smith is a nine hour drive from DC, probably longer on the bus, so it won't be possible to do during discovery weekend. If it's anything like Women of Distinction in the fall, you are scheduled from the moment you arrive until the moment they take you back to the airport, without any free time in between to go to DC. </p>

<p>Your relatives could probably come and see you in the evenings and take you out to dinner or something if you want to see them on your visit, but you won' be able to go to Smith and American, unless you stay in MA and pay for your own flight home, I guess.</p>

<p>Aubrey, Smith has it all over American! (Just my opinion!)</p>

<p>Having spent six months in DC on the Smith semester in washington program, I would actually agree.</p>

<p>American? Bleah, unless, maybe, you're studying international business. It looks/feels like an overgrown high school and at the info session we went to, they were so proud of how law-and-order they were and didn't talk about academics until the seventh item on their agenda. It was the one school we visited that all three of us detested and couldn't find much good to say about.
End rant.</p>

<p>so who went? i loved it!</p>

<p>My D went and loved every minute of it. She loved the house she stayed in and her host. All the students were helpful and I sat in on a couple panel presentations and I was very impressed.</p>