accepted to uva but attending...

<p>I wanna see what schools you guys are going to instead of uva. I have the other thread going also. I was waitlisted, but I am going to BU!</p>

<p>william and mary</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins</p>

<p>Bigflyerz, weren't you waitlisted at UVa?</p>

<p>just curious: why hopkins & william and mary??</p>

<p>Bentley or Kelly Business at Indiana but UVA is a great school, no doubt.</p>

<p>Why Bentley or Kelley? Money, I presume?</p>

<p>Hey kellyconn1, I got in to Indiana too and my sister graduated from the Kelley Business School there! I think the campus is pretty cool and the business school is excellent. Either way, attending Indiana or UVa, I still am going to pay the same tuition fee.</p>

<p>I chose Hopkins because I think Hopkins is better suited to what I want to pursue - medicine, - and it offers the major that I want, the History of Science and Technology. Many other factors as well, but UVA is an excellent school and I was very excited to have gotten accepted.</p>

<p>Duke or Penn or Dartmouth!!!! Even though I am instate, UVA's FInAId sucked and these schools actually all had better FinAid. Highly disappointing.</p>

<p>Turning it down for Northwestern University... REALLY tough choice for me; I LOVED UVa but in the end Northwestern was a slightly better fit. I agonized over this for the past month and I essentially had to flip a coin it was such a dead heat between the two.</p>

<p>Nope, not money, I got a faculty scholarship from Indiana, about 10k, nothing from Bentley and nothing from UVA, I am leaning more towards Bentley or Kelly because they are excellent programs, Bentley is #7 for their accounting/finance major which is my primary interest and Kelly is #11 overall in the country............once I visited especially Bentley, I loved everything about it, going to Indiana on Monday. UVA is a excellent school but for what I want to do, it is my preference to likely attend one of the two mentioned. So much has to be credited with the feeling one gets when visiting a campus, just being able to see yourself there, and thats what happened! Good luck to you all.</p>


<p>UVA's McIntire was just ranked #2 by Business Week, so if Undergrad Business School rankings are your main decisionmaking tool, you might want to reconsider.</p>