Accepted with mediocre-bad stats? Is it possible...?

<p>Hey, I'm still in the process of researching colleges (i'm a junior BTW) and I'm considering W&M. Here are my stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.75 w, 3.4ish uw
Current Period GPA (last semester's): 4.60
Current Rank: 6/500 - (BTW, my school doesn put out overall ranks for cummulativ GPA"s until after the end of senior year, will colleges just take into account my current standing?)
SAT- took in march, cancelled scores cuz I got freaked out. Wil retake in june. My practice test scores have been around 1900ish
SAT II's- Lit, Bio, Math IC in May. Expect to get in 700 range in bio, 600-700 lit and 600ish in math which is my weakest subject
ACT- June</p>

<p>EC's- average.. just volunteering , on several committees.. stuff like that. I started most of them middle of sophomore year or in the begginign of junior year. Is that bad? Will it look like i just did them to please colleges?</p>

<p>Other: My freshman year of high school I was really lost. I never tried or applied myself. Consequently I got HORRIBLE grades both semesters that year (that's why my GPA is so low). I took no honors courses and even got a D in alegbra (which I then made up and got an A). I've turned things around since then (as you can see from my rank. Originally I was 240/500.. now i'm 6)</p>

<p>I'm out of state, do i have a chance at all at William and Mary?</p>

<p>Not to be pessimistic but only realistic. Out of state waitlisted with the following: top 5% of class of 500+, 1430, SAT, SAT II 760, 740, 700, 4 year commitment to 4 substantial activities.</p>

<p>I was accepted into William and Mary from out of state with 1430 SatI 740/660/760 sat II top 5 percent of class. I say you go for it.</p>

<p>thank you guys!</p>

<p>I was accepted. Here are my stats:
1500 SAT I
690/690 SAT II
National Merit Finalist
Top 10%
Rank 40/476
Spent 3 weeks there last summer at math and science camp (this probably helped)
I think what got me in, however, was my optional submission. In mid-January I got a postcard from an admissions officer saying how much he enjoyed it. So I would reccomend doing something very creative, UNIQUE, and entertaining. I would say try to think of something other than a personal collage, I'm under the impression that everyone does that. I did a comic strip.</p>

<p>Go for it, and good luck!</p>

<p>what exactly is this optional submission thing?</p>

<p>I believe the optional submission is something like "do anything you want with one side of a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper"</p>

<p>you will have a fair shot, I say send the app.</p>

<p>I did the optional submission too. It lets the college know that you are really interested. I drew a self portrait with a creative backround. I'm interested in majoring in some science and my strengths are science and math, but my drawing showed that I was also artistic.</p>

<p>I was accepted out of state:
UWGPA: 3.6
WGPA: 4.1
SATI: 1320
Low SATII, i dont exactly remember, but they werent great, i took them like December of senior year, hadn't studied.
Thing is that I got 3.0 freshman year, 3.3 or 3.4 sohphomore, then junior Year I got serious and got 4.0 with 3 AP's, first semester senior year was a 3.85 or whatever 1 B is, with 3 AP's.
I ran xc for 2 years, did track for 3, Captain of the swim team which I did for all 4 years.
I have TONS of EC including coaching my summer swim team and volunteering at a law firm. I also received the National Hispanic Scholar award.
So yea i had pretty mediocre to bad stats and i still got in because of all my other stuff. Oh yea, and my essay was pretty good.</p>

<p>Santa Claus lives at W&M.</p>