<p>ok there's this one club at my school called, "Future American Business Leader" and it sounds kinda cool to me, and I wanna join it. We got this one sheet of paper that has like 30 topics on it, and we have to pick one and we'll get a book on it. We have to study the book and take a test around october, if we get really high grades on it, we get some metal and probably scholarship and if it's like top 5 then we get to go to nationals....</p>

<p>I want to pick accounting, but I don't know what it is anyone has and examples about accounting??? is it just like plain math problems or wat???</p>

<p>it isn't math problems
it is getting numbers to add up correctly on both sides of the accounting equation. It gets more complicated as it go on.</p>

<p>Accounting has a lot of tiny details that can derail whole problems. It is definitely not just debit/credit. Maybe take a look some accounting books before you pick accounting.</p>