Ad on page

So today when I open a new forum, an ad appears in the lower right corner of my iPad, covering the test. This is when my iPad is in landscape position. If I turn it to portrait, the ad reduces in size and goes where it belongs on the right side.


I’ve notified our ad partner so they can track down the rogue ad… hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon!

I thought we stayed signed in if we used the site often enough…which I’m sure I meet the bar for. Today I had to sign in…why?

Adding…when not signed in, the ad was HUGE, took up most of the screen and was a video of some sort. In my opinion, this would be a big turn off for folks considering this site. They would have no way to know that the ads reduce in size and don’t take up the whole screen if they are logged into an account.


The ACT ad that is a backdrop on the main page of the forum is extremely distracting. I’ll log off until it is removed.

@CCAdminMike I’ve had the same issue on the IPad since the password reset. Screenshot:

@Lindagaf @thumper1 our ad partner made a change to block one of the advertisers that might be doing it (hard to say since it only appears randomly). Please refresh your browser and let me know if you still see it happening.

Nope. I just took this screenshot. The first was from yesterday, this one is from just now. Looks like ATT is the culprit?

Argh - ok reported. Thanks!

@CCAdminMike here is the ad this morning. The odd thing…it appears when I’m using my iPad in landscape mode but if I turn to portrait, it reduces to the right size and I can go back to landscape.

But as you can see…until I do my iPad gymnastics…this is what it looks like. And it’s ATT, I think.

I had the exact same thing, same ad.

Thanks for the reports - I’m trying to give the ad partner as much info as possible so this is helpful.