HUGE ad when opening

@CCAdminMike This is new for me. There is a HUGE ad appearing at the top of the page. On my iPad when in landscape mode, it takes up half of the screen. If you did something to fix ads, this is one of the results.

In portrait mode, it takes up a third of the page.

Ad is too large. Irritating.

P.S. I only read small ads.

Me too

I never notice any ad, whether large or small. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I get them if i’m not logged in. Once I log in, they usually disappear.

You are right…this was before I logged in. It was on the cover screen. BUT is this what CC wants to look like for prospective members?

Actually…in the pic I posted above, I WAS logged in because I’m on the page where the forums are listed!

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At least yours is only at the top. I am getting ads on every tab I open that hovers over the entire screen.

Every. Single. One.

I get that one too…but at least there is an X so you can close it. The pic I posted above…as you can see…no way to get rid of the HUGE Ad. I’ve had to exit out of the forums and re-enter…sometimes multiple times. Eventually it’s not there. But come on!

It’s still here and includes a video whether you want it…or not. I understand you need ads, but all of the other big ones at least have a X so they can be removed


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I clicked on one of the threads that I am following (little blue number next to the thread) and the Tree Plenish ad popped up. When I closed it, it took me to the bottom of the thread rather than my first unread post.

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I’ve been getting the mega ads when I go to the page. I’m already logged in as well.

Alright, just enabled a rule so that if you are a Senior Member, Forum Champion, or Mod, you don’t see the Tree-plenish pop-up. We’ll enable that going forward for most pop-ups unless we think you’re interested in the promotion. (Most of our promotions will be aimed at students/parents in the admissions process).

This is the ad landscape nowadays. Advertisers are using different techniques to avoid the traditional pop-up ad. This one shows until you scroll down, then docks to the top. I’ll see if there’s any adjusting we can do (particularly for Senior Members).


Am I the only one seeing two ads at the bottom of each page, one a video that you can X out and the other across text at the bottom of each page that offers an X that doesn’t work? It is so annoying.

Ad blocking content. @CCAdminMike

Ooo yuck - that’s a bug. Thanks for reporting.

This is annoying as heck as well. There is no way to close the ad. When you click on the close ad “x” it opens up Western New Mexico University regardless of what add is showing. Sometimes the side ad takes up 30% of the screen. It is currently covering almost half of my reply box as I type.

Dang it. I can’t get my screen shot to show here. It is an ad on the left in about the middle of the screen. It is not for any single product.

I’m on my laptop (MacBook Pro) and the left sidebar ad consistently blocks the edge of the content.

FWIW, my browser is maximized too. This is Chrome.

These screens are super helpful. Will report to our ad partner.

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What sweetgum shows is what I was trying to report. Plus if I click that close x on “close ad” It takes me to an ad for Western New Mexico University every single time in a new tab. I am on a PC in Chrome. There does not seem to be either problem in Edge.

Some type of “enhancement” today? iPad shows nothing but a white screen on Safari. I had to move to Firefox, where I got a big 403 page before working around it.