HUGE ad when opening

I should amend my post, The left sidebar ad really inconsistently comes out of it’s space. I find it obnoxious when it does. I do not have any issues with hitting the x and closing the ad, though.

Here’s one that is too big. It’s especially too big when it bumps into the reply area.

This one stays in its lane more when reading the thread:

But the smaller ones still impede the reply box:

Again, this is on my MacBook Pro using Chrome with the browser window maximized to take up the whole screen.

Seems to have the same problem in Safari, though:

I have a second big monitor and if I put my browser on that screen I can make the window wide enough that it goes away, but I would assume that people who are looking at CC on computers rather than phones/tablets are mostly looking on laptops and not big ol’ honking screens like I have.