Adelphi Honors college for Fall 2017?

My daughter got accepted to several schools, but she really likes Adelphi Honors College program. So far it looks to be the best financial option as well. Anyone else serously considering choosing Adelphi over some other, often more prestigious schools?
After visiting I am very impressed with the program Adelphi offers, especially due to dean Garner’s dedication and passion for making it so unique. I am wondering what will become of it when he chooses to leave ( I’ve heard next year might be his last). How much of the success of the program is directly tied in with the dean himself? What happens to the close knit community he created, his famous dinners/book discussions? I’m pretty sure those are the things that attracted my kid to the program as well as academics.
Any current honors college students willing to give some input?
Anyone considering Adelphi Honors as their top option?

Hello, my name is Andrew and I am a current student in the Honors College at Adelphi! I definitely understand your concern, as I felt the same before I began my first semester in the Honors College. However, after having the opportunity to become fully immersed in the Honors College, I have seen firsthand how wonderful this program really is. There is absolutely no doubt that Dean Garner has been a major contributing factor not only to the success of the College but in making it what it is today since, after all, he created it over 20 years ago. Nevertheless, the Honors College’s true purpose is about building the best learning and cultural experience possible for the students, which will never change. He has built this program to live and thrive strongly no matter who is at the helm. All the Honors classes I take are set up and constructed by the professors who actually teach them. If and when Dean Garner chooses to retire, the high-caliber professors who teach these great Honors classes and seminars will remain and continue to give all the students the sophisticated and cultural education which we love as Honors students. While I have been under professors of different styles and ages, every single class I take in the Honors College gives me the same wonderful experience every time that keeps getting better and better, which all of my classmates can attest to. One of the main characteristics I have grown to love about the Honors College is the close-knit community that exists within it. This community, though, is made year after year by the students themselves. Whether it is discussing our readings in our classes whose topics range from classical economics to evolution, going to the Metropolitan Opera or the New York City Ballet with a group of friends in order to take advantage of the program’s close location to Manhattan, or debating profound topics at the round table in the student lounge area, Honors students always choose to experience things together. The students’ strong aspiration to learn and culture themselves will remain and even continue to grow no matter who our Dean is because this desire comes from the students. So, while Dean Garner has given us the opportunity to grow tremendously, the success of the Honors College will persist undoubtedly because our success is tied to us, the students, and our love for the program. Thank you very much for your thoughts and I hope this has been a help to you and your daughter!

Thanks so much Andrew for sharing your opinion, it’s great to hear you really love the program and see it thriving in the future despite the possibility of change in leadership. You are right, it’s the students that make the program successful, but hopefully whoever takes charge will be as committed and enthusiastic as the current dean.
Lots of luck to you in your college career!