Admission chances

<p>I am an out of state white male. My SAT scores are 680 for critical reading, 630 for math, and 690 for writing. I am ranked 5th in my class out of 200 and have gotten 1 B. I have received a 4 on AP Biology and Euro, a 5 on AP Lang, U.S. History,and Environmental Science, and a 3 on AP Stat. This year I am taking 2 classes each semester at the local community college in addition to 2 classes each semester at my high school. I am currently taking Psychology and Macroeconomics at a community college and have A's in both classes. In the spring I will take Calculus and either an English or science class. I have a few extra curricular activities but not a lot. I am planning on studying biology. What are my chances of being accepted? Thank you for your time. </p>

<p>And does the writing section carry the same weight as the math section of the SAT at UVA or does it depend on the major?</p>

<p>Any input would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I believe Biology is in the College of Arts and Sciences. You apply to a College, not a major. First you get in, then you declare your major later. It is expected that many students will end up majoring in something other than they had anticipated.</p>

<p>UVA will put more weight on your transcripts and GPA than on your test scores anyway.</p>

<p>You might want to check the sticky at the top of this sub-forum. Chance threads are not allowed here; instead, they belong in the “What are my chances?” forum.</p>