Admission Chances

I have been reading last Springs threads about students who were waitlisted and didnt get into UD. My daughter is preparing her application now for Fall 2016 and UD is her number one school. (I am an alumni and my son is a current UD student). Just wondering–what kind of SATS and gpas did the students have who didnt get in last year?

Are you in-state or OOS? Does your D have a particular major in mind (this can have a significant bearing on admission chances and stats needed). UD didn’t take in any students in off the regular wait list last year but did offer some students a choice of just staying on the wait list, the opportunity to enter the new UD in DC (at American University) Program (UD had an overwelming postive response to this offer and had to limit the number to 50 students) and then start at UD in the Spring, or just accept admission to UD in the Spring (I don’t know how many students decided to do this).I would not be surprised if they do the same thing next year depending on how how things go this year. They are just getting so many qualified applicants and, as most universities, are trying to keep all their spaces filled up throughout the first year… IMHO this procedure was at least partially set up to address the drop out rate after the first semester, even though it is very small. Good luck.