Admission chances

<p>im an 8th grader looking to get into a b-school for tenth grade. My grades in seventh grade werent that hot(81 average) so i didnt even bother applying to NMH(my dream school). This year my grades are about 84 or 85 average and still increasing so im wondering will i have to grades to get into NMH for tenth grade with about an 85 average. I'm in advanced classes and im an EXCELLENT math student and im hoping to get atleast a 70 percentile on the ssat. I do community service, sports im an OK writer and i do alot of EC's will I have a chance?</p>

<p>are you planning on skipping 9th? or is this for a years planning</p>

<p>Oh totally u can get in to nmh. I got in with those kinds of grades :) but I did tons of extra curricular :p</p>

<p>at squash13,
im going to a local hs 4 9th as i didnt apply 4 9th nor did i take the ssat. to the second answerer, what EC's did you do? What was the interview like?</p>

<p>Schools are looking for quality in EC's not quantity. Be passionate about something and do it well - or experiment and show how you deal with failure. But don't copy someone else's resume - or try to. What worked this year, may be totally wrong next year. And in the end - it may not have been someone's EC's that swung in their favor, but their personality, classwork, or the depth of their recommendations - or all of the above - none of the above.</p>

<p>You could win the Nobel Peace Prize and still not be a good candidate.</p>

<p>So be yourself. If you're meant to be at a specific school, then you will be.</p>

I was just wondering and i wasnt going to steal their resume, im just asking lol. Is NMH a good math school as that's my fav subject. Also can you learn instruments there such as guitar piano etc?</p>

anyone else???</p>