Admission (If someone would be so kind as to lend some advice)

I’m a member of the class of 2022 going into my junior year with a GPA of 3.61 , up from a 3.17 freshman year. Please be blunt what are my chances of admission, I received all A’s and one b+ sophmore yr compared to all b’s , a b+, and a c freshman year, also I have never taken a non honors core class. I’m taking ap physics, regular precalc, english 11hn, dual us history, and dental careers next year. I’ve recently done research on engineering (Comp Sci specifically)and I was wondering if I could receive advice on what courses I should change for my junior year schedule, while keeping it manageable because I’d like to try and get all A’s to boost my GPA. I live in the NOVA area, I’m african-american, I’ve played football both years and plan on playing all 4, and I’m involved in some clubs. If that effects my chances, also wondering on what else I should do to improve my chances. Thanks!

@nagato12357 You’re obviously trending in the right direction. That said, you’re still early in the process of being able to compare yourself to other students from your own school re: admissions chances. I would recommend the following:

  • Check with your guidance office to see if they use Naviance or other tools that track acceptance rates for your school. Then at completion of your Junior year you should have some idea of how you compare to those stats.
  • Take the most challenging coursework that your school has available.
  • Find and participate in extracurriculars that are outside the normal "box" and try and take on leadership roles. These days, every applicant to schools like VT plays varsity sports, is in NHS, etc. The Leadership component can be a differentiator for you.
  • Lastly, please understand that any answer re: your "chances" is 100% guesswork. None of the adults or students who post here have an inside track on admissions, and feedback you get from someone with a student in a different state and/or school system is in many ways useless. (Read past threads for examples).

Oh, and to the last note above… look at and visit a wide range of schools early on.

As ShenVal mentions - get with your guidance councilor as they will know the range of GPA getting into VT. However, your trending up and colleges have always said they look more at the more recent grades then older. So your newer grades on their end should weigh heavier. Keep up the great work. Your junior year is very critical as these will be the last grades you have to submit (especially if do early admission at schools)

I think I can contribute here. My son is a sophomore and I have done extensive research. The average GPA for incoming freshman for VT in 2019 was 4.04. Sorry if this stresses you out, but maybe it will motivate you . We live in NOVA as well. You still have time to get that GPA up. I would focus less on the sports and more on the classes.