Admission Thread for Saint Louis University

We went in November and did a tour at that time it was one on one. We got into on building which was a dorm cafeteria and basically just stood in the lobby

Unfortunately it was all outdoors. We have researched the indoors via Youtube videos.

Thanks for the responses. We will definitely need to go in spring even if just outdoors. My S will need to walk the campus to get a feel. Amazing that all our kids may need to decide on a college without truly exploring everything in person.

Has anybody who applied for Presidential Scholarship heard back yet?

Nothing yet.

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Got an Email last night inviting to interview online.


D received an email last night as well. Good luck to all who received interviews!


My daughter received email as well last night. good luck to all!

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I agree with you on the not knowing the experience of a school without visiting… Personally I found that SLU had a great campus feel. Although it’s in the city and maybe the weekend is quieter, but it felt safe. It really had a nice vibe to it too.

I don’t know how I got in, but I did. I had 2.83 weighted gpa with 2 recommendations and a decent interview. I showed a lot of demonstrated interest. I applied to the physical therapy program, but didn’t get in. As of now, I’m admitted to the Doisy College of Health Sciences with a major of still deciding. I also got offered a Billiken scholarship (10k annually).


Hi! Does anyone have any stats for the honors program? Like how many students apply and how many of those get in?

My D21 was admitted to Medical Scholars!

I believe honors decisions should be rolling out. My D just received an email.

@spcher6 Congratulations on Medical Scholars!

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My daughter admitted to Medical scholars as well. However she got a full OOS tuition scholarship to Miami of Ohio so she she can go to undergrad for just room and board. Also she is not decided on going to medical school as opposed to nurse Practioner school. Clearly if she wanted medical school this program is a great opportunity.


Congrats to your daughter on Medical Scholars and also the full tuition scholarship at Miami! My daughter only got $21K at Miami…

Anyone know how many applied this year/ how many were accepted?