Admission Thread for Saint Louis University

Thought I would start one.

D21 admitted Tuesday

35 ACT
4.0 UW
10 AP’s
Don’t rank
2 Varsity Sports

Yesterday got notice of $25000 a year merit scholarship.

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Congrats to your D! when did she apply, and how was she notified? My D21 applied 10/16 but hasn’t heard yet. But her stats are lower than your D’s. She is hoping to hear soon.

Are you from St.Louis. We’re from GA. My daughter also received the admission offer with the same scholarship.

@sotubotu She applied the middle of October. It was online notification. I am not entirely sure but I believe and email to check her portal.

@go2college2021 We are from Pittsburgh. Congratulations to your daughter

Son applied 10/31; admitted 11/10 with VP scholarship ($25K)

3.96 UW/4.96 W; Ranked 13 out of 556; 34 ACT; 1550 SAT (1560 super). 2 Varsity sports.
Major: Business/Sports Management.

Congrats to your son!

May I ask how he found out he received the VP Scholarship? Like a way to see it through the portal, or through mail

I got admitted a few weeks ago but haven received anything in the mail.

Son sent a screenshot of the acceptance email. It also included scholarship info.

D21 accepted and got a 22k per year University Scholarship. Applied 10/16, accepted 11/24. GPA 3.4 UW, SAT 1350, unranked. We visited the school in early Nov and I loved the campus (it was an all outdoor tour, but still great to hear from the current student tour guide and see the other students. D might be leaning toward a bigger city/more urban environment but there are many months to make the decision. Wondering now what will happen with accepted student days this year…

Daughter accepted EA for Environmental Studies with VP 25k and Catholic school merit 4K. Stats are 3.85 uw, 32 superscored, no rank.

hi there! im hoping that u could answer my question. did u have 8 recommendation letters and did u submit a resume? thank u so much :smile:

hii there! did your daughter had 8 letter of recommendation and submitted a resume?

Hi! My daughter had 2 recommendation letters (teachers from HS). She applied with the Common App. I don’t think she submitted a separate resume, just what was asked in the Common App, and any additional essays SLU requested.

D received an email offer this week with the VP scholarship. We live in MA. She applied for the on 11/30 and got the response 12/8. She had the recommendations; resume of sports, job, volunteering and clubs. It was one of the easier applications to complete. Tonight she received a text from admissions congratulating her. Want to try a quick trip to tour in person to get a feel for the school and area.

Can you tell me about the City nearby? D is looking for a city atmosphere - does the school offer that or is the school isolated away from city?

We didn’t explore the area around SLU too much, but it seemed fairly vibrant. It was hard to tell tbh due to covid - the whole city seemed somewhat subdued, and I wasn’t sure if it was the pandemic or just my own comparison coming from the east coast. The campus seemed pretty self contained even though it is in the city. I wouldn’t say it has as urban a feel as Pitt for example, and certainly not as much as GW, OSU, BU, Temple or NYU (other schools we’ve looked at from our 2 kids’ searches). But it does feel like it’s in the city.

I hope you get a chance to visit!

My D and I flew in for a visit in early November. We discovered she had been admitted while we were there! We stayed overnight at a hotel right next to the Arch. I had made Arch tour reservations so we did that and then went to a good bar/restaurant near the stadium. St. Louis is a little smaller than our hometown so felt a little lower key downtown but also very safe downtown. When we drove from the airport straight to campus, the map took us the most direct route which was through a sketchy area. We were both concerned. Right around campus seemed fine! We had lunch west of campus near Wash U and after our tour we drove on city streets to downtown. There seemed to be lots of green space on that drive. There is a restaurant/shopping redevelopment area just south of campus that looks like it will be fun when it opens.

sotubotu and 1Cricket, thanks for the feedback. We are tentatively planning Jan 9th for our tour. We recently did a 24-hour tour of CoC, which was enough to give us the vibe of the surrounding area.

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Any nursing majors receive a decision yet? We have a tour scheduled for this weekend and I was hoping my D would hear before we made the trek down to visit. Decisions, decisions.

We lived in St. Louis and are now just across the river in IL. There is definitely a city feel to the area, but far more campus feel than say Temple or GW. It is right by the Arts district. Central West End (trendy restaurants and shops) is nearby. There’s a metrolink stop not far from campus, and you can see downtown from parts of campus. The new soccer stadium is being built very close by.

My son got in, and it would be a contender if it wasn’t so close. LOL!

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We visited this weekend and it definitely has a campus feel. I really liked the overall feel of the campus area. It felt safe and there seems to be a good vibe and beautiful architecture on the campus and the area.

Were you able to see the inside of any buildings or dorms? We want to go visit, but was hoping to wait until everything was open.