Admissions Decisions for EA Class of 2025

I didn’t see a trail for UC for 2025, so… here goes! I know the decision is late this year, in February, but… never too early to start getting nervous, I mean, excited about it!

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Good luck! We applied there but got ED school and had to withdraw our application. Not sure what you interest are but they cancelled the Connections BS/MD dual enrollment for this year.

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Congrats on getting ED school! My S21 has other acceptances and scholarships, but we’re waiting to see what pans out with UC and others…

Feb 5th is the date that I’ve seen for UC EA decisions.


Cincinnati Decision Day
This year our Decision Day is Friday, February 5, 2021. At 5:00pm EST on February 5 (applicant) will receive an email from our office with the subject line “A decision has been made on your Cincinnati application.” In this message there will be a link to view this admission decision in the applicant status portal.

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Good luck to all! This is one of the last schools my daughter is waiting on a decision from. She is out of state and applying for nursing.

Hi Everyone… patiently waiting too. We are OOS, DD was already accepted to CCM for Ballet this past December. This is her top ballet program. This is not the last school we are waiting on, unfortunately.

Us too! UC is one of DDs top choices for ballet - she received CCM acceptance already. Does anyone know if merit/scholarship info is sent out with admission notification? or is that sent out later?

1 more week. Any one know if they release in waves like OSU did today or all at once like Purdue.

Haven’t heard but may be some clues in last years thread.

No, two years ago, it was in my DD’s portal at 5:01pm


Today is the day. 5p

I saw that! That was awesome! How exciting!

Exciting Day! We have 2 5pm decisions today!

My S21 only has 2 decision left UC today and VT (2/19).

Only 2 more hours to go! Good luck everyone!

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S21 accepted into Civil Engineering.

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My D21 was accepted to Computer Science in the College of Engineering!

When will we find out about financial aid and scholarships?

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