Admissions Decisions for EA Class of 2025

S21 accepted! Yes… now, same thing… merit? Fin aid?

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D was accepted into nursing direct admit - woohoo! No info about $$ yet here either.

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I think it will be a week or two before merit scholarship information comes out.

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Congrats everyone!

Son accepted International Studies

Congrats all! Fin aid website says the Cincinnatus on the 19th and other aid starting on the 26th into the weekend

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So, I’m assuming that Cincinnatus awards will be posted to the portal at 5p today.


Any updates on Cincinnatus?

My son just heard…$2000 Cincinnatus Century.

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@CollBound21 Same here for my S21.

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Same for my daughter. As much as it pains me to say, UC is out for us. She got full rides at other schools.

For future reference for my other child, where did your daughter get better merit aid?

She applied to 14 colleges (I know) and most have given better merit aid. Her best offers have come from OSU, University of Louisville, and a couple of Florida Universities who also offer out-of-State tuition waivers for high academic students. We are still waiting on packages from a few more schools though. UC was one of our top choices for engineering due to their co-op program.

I am really hurt my DD didn’t get anything. She is in the 90% tile of applicants. It was her dream to go and dance there. We are not even close to affording it, She has full tuition at the University of Arizona, Honors College at Ohio State, Utah, and Arizona, significant scholarships at TCU and SMU. She should have automatically qualified for the National Outreach scholarship since we are from a targeted state, and her GPA and ACT are well above the minimum. We were scheduled to visit next weekend. I might as well cancel. No reason to get her hopes up.

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Are you certain she didn’t receive anything? My D received an email with the National Outreach and the Cincinnatus scholarship, but it wasn’t discovered until this morning because it hit her spam folder. Nothing in Catalyst. Have you checked with the AO? It sounds like your D would have qualified for at least national outreach?

No, she checked the SPAM. Definitely nothing. She reached out to a person in CCM and they are not responding. The mistake with her application, and not being notified on the 5th despite everything in 10/23. They sent her a notification on the 8th after several emails, and now no money. We really feel like they don’t want her, or they made a mistake accepting her from her prescreen and not auditioning her, and are trying to chase her away. Well, no money, there is no way we could afford it. She even has an email into an instructor about visiting this Sunday, and she has never responded. We were told in an earlier email they arrange personal tours on Sundays and how they have had people schedule just about every week.

I think (hope) the CCM announcements are on a little bit of a lag. My daughter was also accepted into the dance program (received notice after the 5th, but CCM had sent out a note that this might happen) and her admissions counselor sent a letter with the following:

When will scholarship/financial aid information be sent out?
Scholarship notifications are not sent with admission decisions, and scholarships to CCM are not guaranteed. If you have been awarded a scholarship, you will be notified by the end of March. Need-based financial aid (if you submitted your FAFSA) is typically sent out around the same time.

This is also consistent when I checked the financial aid page:

  • Students admitted to CCM will have awards delayed until mid-March when all talent-based scholarships are finalized.

I don’t know if the above also includes the university-based scholarships - maybe someone would know if everything gets combined in one letter? So keeping fingers crossed!

We were told the CCM awards were different from the Cincinnati and National Outreach awards. I am not expecting a dance scholarship. They are separate criteria awarded through separate departments. There are CCM students who have received these awards. Thank you very much for your positive response. I really do appreciate it.

From what I understand, Friday (Feb-26) Financial Aid Offers will begin rolling out until Mar-1.

It’s out for some. Scholarships and Aid package.