University of Cincinnati - Early Action 2022

Accepted into CEAS!


Congratulations :slight_smile: and to @IndyBearcat as well!

How do you see the decision? Is it by email or in portal? I don’t see any update in the portal thus far. Has anyone heard from Graphic Communications or Industrial Design?

Did anyone have any mention of scholarships? D22 is in, but no mention of any merit.

My D22’s email still has not come. She went to the portal at 4 p.m. and saw her update. She is Arts and Sciences, no mention of merit

Got this from last year’s thread from @VeloDude VeloDude

Feb 2021

I think it will be a week or two before merit scholarship information comes out.

Looks like last year decisions came out on Feb. 5 and then merit financial aid packages were later in the month. So perhaps within the next month we will hear about that.


Thanks ! Congratulations to your daughter as well :partying_face:

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Congratulations to all the new potential Bearcats! My daughter got her acceptance yesterday, direct-admit Nursing. We set up her portal today and it said financial aid will be posted 2/19.

We’re going to go back to a few colleges (and wait for financial aid) before she makes her final decision, but I think UC is her front runner.


So have some of the acceptances/decisions not come out yet even though the student applied by December 1st?

Hello, if you all don’t mind sharing what kind of scholarships you were offered? Wondering if the presidential awards would have been announced already?

My D22 did not received a scholarship with her acceptance. I didn’t think scholarships were announced yet for UC

We just got an email tonight announcing the National Outreach Scholarship, in the amount of 6k per year. The email said any additional merit awarded by department would be in the Financial Aid statement on Feb 19th, via portal.

Edit: I just went back to the email and it actually says by March 1. I don’t know where I got February 19th.


Actually, D22 got that email too. Did your email say that isn’t was definitively awarded or say “may” be awarded?

Sorry, the wording is "you are eligible " for the National Outreach Scholarship! Does that mean she got it? It’s $6,000 plus she got $2,000 as part of the Cincinnatus Scholarships. Hers is Century award, I believe.

I don’t know about Presidential, but I just got my Century scholarship notification.


hmmmm… she didn’t get the
National Outreach Scholarship, though we are from one of the states…

That’s a bummer

The wording is definitely weird (“you are eligible”), but the subject line of the email is: You’ve earned a scholarship! and the first word of the email is “Congratulations!” It doesn’t show anywhere in her portal, though, so I guess we will have to wait until March to learn the details.

I do think they were awarded it though. I took a couple of looks at it. I have Feb. 19th marked on my calendar for financial aid to be released. You had mentioned that date in a previous post. Check on Sat. to see if the financial aid packages are there. Perhaps merit can come until March 1?

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Same here. Haven’t received any detail on additional scholarship other than national outreach

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What would the criteria for century scholarship be?