Admissions Discussion/Decisions - Class of 2024

With the application cycle less than two weeks away, I’d figure I would start a new thread for anyone applying to Ohio State for Fall 2024.

When my son applied to Ohio State back in 2012, they offered Early Decision. Does anyone know when they discontinued it? Im just curious if you get your application in way before Nov 1, if you could possibly get an answer before Nov 1.

@KirstenMP Do you mean EA? I know of incoming freshmen this year who heard by mid-November, but they got their apps in very early September.

My S20 will be submitting very early also, as a fall sport and what I think is a ridiculous senior course schedule will eat up his time this Fall. Engineering, debating honors/scholars, mainly for the early class registration privileges.

His list is hardly a long one, but the tOSU button will be the first one pushed. It is almost definitely where he will choose to go after the dust settles.

Other than the essays in the Coalition, does OSU require any supplemental essays? If so, are they only for the honors college and, if so, where can my DD find them? Thank you in adavance!

No I meant ED. When my son applied for spring 2013 admission, he applied early and got accepted early. It was a binding application. Osu doesn’t do that anymore and i just wondered when they stopped.

Hmmmm…it must have been for a pretty short period. I don’t think ED was an option when my S09 applied.

I finished up junior year with:
GPA: 4.0
SAT: 1500
2 APs junior year (Stats and Human Geo)
Scheduled to take 3 APs senior year (Calc AB, Physics, World History)
Anyone want to take a shot at my chances for admission into Ohio State Data Analytics?

Submitted my application this morning! Now the long wait until November to find out :slight_smile:

@ssshen My understanding is there are no supplemental essays except for honors/scholars.

@4Family4 you look like a very strong candidate! Good luck!

Just submitted my application today! Can’t wait for November…

Submitted Friday…now the wait…

Online it says Ohio State has rolling admissions. I see here people are saying no acceptances until November. So, if applied in August or early September, you still won’t find out until November? When I think of rolling admissions, I think of other universities that send out acceptances every two weeks or so.

I wasn’t sure if ds should click rolling admissions or click EA on the common app. What did you guys do? I figured rolling was for after EA?

@uofmmom About 75 kids from our HS apply to tOSU every year. I have never heard of anyone getting word prior to mid-November. Once they start sending word, though, waves tend to come out every other week (a Friday, usually). I know that major can matter in terms of when decisions are released.

Historically the first wave of decisions come out the Friday before Thanksgiving and then released every two weeks after that.

How long does it take the OSU system to match the applicant with their ACT report(s). My son’s March and April 2019 were sent to OSU when he took those tests. He applied Mon Oct 7 and the system is still showing Incomplete/Missing ACT-SAT report. The system does say it can take up to 10 days for scores to match but I was wondering about everyone else’s experience.

@KirstenMP it took my son’s about 4 days to show up and it was marked as complete. I would bet by Friday or Tuesday it will be there.

@KirstenMP How long did it end up taking?

Takes couple weeks. They’re slow.