Admissions for University of Kentucky

Have they started sending out acceptance letters to potential students? My DD applied early in October and still has not heard anything. I would be shocked if she didn’t get in. She has a 4.6 GPA and a 35 on the ACT with several clubs, activities, leadership positions and she works. I read in previous posts that they started in Oct last year but I know with COVID things are working differently.

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My daughter in same situation, with similar stats, she applied early September and hasn’t heard yet.

My D also applied in early September and has not heard anything yet. The last email they sent in mid-November said we should have EA decisions by 1/15. Hopefully sooner though! :slight_smile:

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My D applied in early September. We haven’t heard anything. Other colleges to which she applied have been very communicative and have even started offered scholarship and honors decisions along with admissions decisions. UK hasn’t even let us know if they have all of her materials.

We have heard from UA with scholarship offer. NCSU she has received a log into her NCSU portal to check her status. I’m surprised that UKY has not even given them a way to check to make sure they are not missing anything. Last year we received emails to apply and would give a deadline. Then they kept on emailing her to apply with an extension to the deadline. Personally it does not give me good vibes. It feels like they are very disorganized. Last year a friend’s DD applied. She received a letter to the Honor’s college before she even received an acceptance letter. They turned them down because of the feeling of “doing things
backwardss and disorganization”. The school is nice and my daughter loves it so I guess we will continue to wait. Good luck.

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My D21 has also applied EA in early October, however did get a hard copy letter (maybe around November 1) with the header “official document request,” that asked her to waive access to recommendation letters and to have the counselor upload an official transcript and “optional secondary school report form.” We thought it was odd because the official transcripts and recommendations had been sent when she applied, and she’s gotten no correspondence electronically on the application’s status. We are OOS and my guess is that the secondary school report form might be because she attends a smaller private high school and they’re unfamiliar with the curriculum rigor, maybe? Did anyone else get this follow-up mailing?

She does really like Kentucky, and their campus tour program was great, we thought. So, we’ll see how this all goes.

Good luck to all who are awaiting decisions and hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

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My daughter just received portal link this morning. Hopefully this means the process is beginning to move forward.


My daughter received a link to the portal this morning but it’s empty? So frustrating.

Did anyone else see the University’s Instagram story - appeared yesterday, I think? - where they appeared to re-post an acceptance email? Has anyone heard yet?

I’ve read in a few different places that acceptances are starting to trickle in. Nothing for my D yet.


Nothing for my D yet.

I applied in early September and I got in yesterday (Dec.11). I believe they are doing them based on when you applied in daily rounds because some people got in before I did, but I am the first one out of my friend group to get in.

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Nothing here yet, either, but hopefully we’ll hear soon! We did get (via regular mail yesterday) the “Do More Be More” direct mail admissions brochure that seemed to have more detail than the garden-variety pitch pieces, including specifics about dorm room options, etc. But, messaging didn’t indicate an “accepted student” tone, so we continue to wait and be hopeful.

My D applied in August so not sure they are processing by application date. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

We didn’t get anything in the mail and the portal link is still blank. While my D has UK in her top two school choices, I’m starting to have second thoughts. She has other options and did get her acceptance to Ohio State yesterday and she was accepted into the University of Louisville honors college and engineering school. I really hope this admissions process is not indicative of UK overall because she would be crushed.

How were you notified of acceptance—electronic or mail?

I hear you, for sure. I’d assume, though, that if she’s accepted EA to OSU, and Louisville’s honors college, that UK would be highly likely? But, I hear you on the value of the active, ongoing communications from the school - particularly right now. Are you in-state? We are OOS and hope for some good news soon! Good luck to your daughter!

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We are in-state.

I was notified electronically!

My D received her acceptance notification today.

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