Admitted Students day

<p>For those of who have been accepted did your acceptance letter say anything about an admitted students day. If so, what are the date(s)?


<p>My letter didn't mention specific dates, just that we're encouraged to attend.</p>

<p>the dates are on the WM website I believe.</p>

<p>Thanks for your responses. I eventually found the info on William and Mary's website. Here is the link.
Days</a> for Admitted Students: myWM can be yourWM | Admission.</p>

<p>Thanks for the link applicant89</p>

<p>interesting... in the past they've had one day. Now there's a bunch of smaller ones.</p>

<p>Wondering how many smaller days compares to the big, elaborate day. Admitted students day 07 sold my daughter. UVA on Friday and then W&M on Saturday. UVA seemed sort of disorganized, unfriendly, one of a vast number particiating. As we pulled onto campus near WM Hall, students were greeting us, showing us parking, in all, a general welcoming feeling. Lunch in the sunken gardens. Hope it works out.</p>