Admitted Texas A&M University, Class of 2028

Whoop, You’ve been admitted!

Congrats to you and or your student! Such an accomplishment. In years past, we’ve had a separate thread for those admitted to ask questions about all things post admission; housing, NSC, camps etc. there’s a lot and timing is everything. So feel free to ask, share, reply, or contribute!

Welcome to Aggieland!

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Probably opening a can of worms (see any number of online threads), but can anyone suggest a good off-campus apartment for a freshman near northside?

Assuming engineering review goes as planned, my kid will be spending lots of time near Zachry. Due to various circumstances, living on campus is probably not in the cards. A lot of the Reddit/Yelp/etc. review sites naturally attract a ton of unhappy people, so I thought I’d ask here.

And congrats to anyone who got accepted!!!


Please, do not have a separate threat :smile:

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Aspire has been fantastic for my youngest. It is also one of the most, if not most, expensive complexes but money well spent. Slightly farther away is the Standard where my eldest had a great experience junior year. Have also heard that the Stack is great and mostly engineers.

Yes, its good to realize that dorm living isnt for everyone.


Thanks, Eggscapgoats. I hadn’t thought of that, but I’m not surprised a lot of engineers end up over in those apartments close to Zachry.

If a student likes riding a bike, whether they are living at the Standard (far west) or Northpointe crossing (far east), the difference in getting to Zachary is just minutes.

Thanks for starting this thread! Son got official acceptance to the university yesterday at noon, did housing deposit early this morning, and now we wait for engineering review!

Excited for him!


Hi All, thanks for all these useful information. Son was admitted yesterday and completed housing application this morning. Thanks to this group and your abundant information, we were able to complete it early. He is admitted to Mays Business school, my question is which dorm should he look into and apply once phase II open? He is okay with community bathroom, I prefer a newer dorm if possible.

@ctang87789105 dorm selection takes places in late spring, what is listed/ranked during phase 2 is useless, doesn’t mean a thing.
Northside is super popular for Mays students, but honestly freshman will have classes ALL over campus.
Absolutely take a dorm tour between now & February.

Once it shows your student has been admitted to Mays/BUAD in the Aggie Directory, you can join 2 great pages for Parents. Probably wait until at least Monday, for system to refresh & update.
Must answer all questions to join both pages


My information is dated , but I had a daughter live in The Stack. Maintence was pretty good for repairs, office staff nice,pool area always cleaned up , but it took a bit to get all the weekend vomit cleaned up in stairwells. Quiet atmosphere for the most part , good internet. The walls were not insulated though so sleeping with noise canceling headphones became a must between neighbors entertaining and an apartment complex near UCenter that hosted an incredibly loud music thing every Friday? night. This was a long time ago though.

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So when does roommate selection on the college’s match site happen? Is that during/after phase II?

@JEdge2004 there’s not really a ‘match site’.
Phase 1 is paying Housing deposit
Phase 2 (totally pointless) is listing/ranking a couple dorm choices. IT DOES NOT MATTER!
Phase 3 is roommate ‘matching’. That’s when 2 students can ‘match’ (I.e. select each other) to live together. It’s up to students to locate their own roomies, the school doesn’t do this or assign.

Look at ResLife website, it’s all listed.
Phase 3 won’t open until after Winter break.
Dorm selection starts in late April.

PLENTY of time to figure it out.

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Good catch. Thank you!

I love living at The Rise. It’s right across the street from the engineering building. So close actually, at night, the light shining from the building lights up my living room when the blinds are up.

Aspire and the Rev (new) - are across the street from the Zachary building. See their websites - they are extremely nice properties.

Since these students have been accepted, when should they expect to receive their banners in the mail?

@JEdge2004 banners usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive in the mail

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My daughter was just admitted and I know that the important first step is to make the housing deposit. If she is going to go in to the Corps of Cadets, though, is this necessary?

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Thank you

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@merb4z i know I’ve seen the answer to this in prior years. I would absolutely still pay the $75 non refundable deposit NOW! If for some reason your daughter changes her mind, she still has the great dorm selection slot. And she’ll have to pay housing deposit regardless-even to live in a Corps dorm-so definitely pay now.
Pay, be done, and get that :heavy_check_mark:ed off.

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