Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program 2020

@heyimpeter what is new this year? Do you expect to increase the number of mentees?


I’m planning on applying! However, I don’t really expect to get in. But I think it’s a good opportunity to put together a portfolio for me

i’m already committed to a residential summer program lol but i’m getting increasingly worried that it’s going to be canceled because of the coronavirus, so an online program seems like a good possible contingency plan. does anyone have any tips for writing the writer’s statement? i’m applying for poetry btw (and my second choice is fiction)

Lot of ppl from the scholastic thread lol :smiley: hi again!

@inflorescent On the adroit page they said to be specific about the program in your writer’s statement. Basically “Why adroit?”

oh there’s a thread! good luck guys ahh
the email says they’ll be accepting on a rolling basis, but on the 2019 thread Peter said they hadn’t done rolling admissions since 2017…? does anyone have any insight on that? XD

@blueagave I don’t know about the rolling thing… I’m a little worried about that, because usually I like to take time to refine my application. Still, they’re probably pretty busy, so I get their reasoning. It also costs money this year, but not a huge amount, and they’re a literary magazine, so they probably need it. In any case, the changes (if they are changes–the rolling thing might have existed last year), seem pretty minor and it looks like an amazing program. I really hope I get in this year!
@inflorescent I’m in the same boat as you with the online thing. What with coronavirus, Adroit might be my last hope!

@FlameAlchemist yeah haha I figured that my program might get canceled since California’s currently in lockdown, which doesn’t bode well for something hosted at Stanford ?
if you don’t mind me asking, what program are you planning to go to? (i’m always on the lookout for programs to apply to lol)

@inflorescent There’s one program I’m in that I’m worried about getting canceled, and it’s the James Madison Seminar on the Principles of American Politics at Princeton. It’s supposed to be a good program, and is SUPER cheap cost-wise, so I’m excited for it. Mainly I’m worried about a bunch of programs I applied to (but don’t know if I’ve been accepted into yet), that might get canceled. The main ones are the Kenyon Review Young Writers’ Workshop, and the Odyssey Fantasy Writer’s Workshop.

@blueagave I emailed them and they told me they read submissions to their lit mag/or/poetry and prose contest on a rolling basis NOT the mentorship.

@blue1nk Oh that’s great - thank you!! 24 more days to procrastinate haha
@FlameAlchemist Ahh yeah I guess since it’s getting larger they need more resources for admin. but I hope corona doesn’t affect your summer plans too much :0

I’m applying to this too, in case my other options get cancelled due to COVID-19 :neutral:

Idk if anyone knows the answer to this, but on the bottom of the application form there’s a checkbox that reads: “I affirm my Writer’s Statement and Writing Sample are my own work, and that I will be able to participate actively in this program if selected.”

I’m concerned about the second part; does that mean it’s binding if you get in? bc i want the mentorship as a possible backup in case my other program gets cancelled, but if it doesn’t get cancelled than i won’t be able to do the mentorship (obviously this is hypothetical since there’s a good chance i get rejected). thoughts?

@inflorescent Well, guess I really should’ve read that more closely when submitting my application… You should probably email them about it just to make sure. It sounds worrying. I really hope it isn’t binding, because that could really mess me up.

hey guys! i did this program last year and it was absolutely amazing. i’d be happy to answer any questions/offer any advice regarding the program :smiley:

@bluets sorry if this is too personal, but is there any chance i could read what you submitted when you applied? i totally understand if you don’t want to though, no worries!

@inflorescent i’m sorry, i don’t think i’d be comfortable sharing my statement or sample. i’m cool with questions, but i’d rather not share personal work. thank for understanding :heart:

@bluets no worries! thanks for helping anyway :slight_smile:

@bluets HI! Do you have any idea what they look for in an applicant? Do you and your mentor have to be similar in some way? (that sounds weird) Also, what are some of the main things we should include in a writer’s statement?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: