Ads won't close out

I’m having issues today not being able to close out the ads on the bottom of the page, nor the banner at the top. Anyone else having a similar issue?

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Working for me consistently (Windows @ Desktop)

The ads at the bottom of the page close, but then they come back quickly. It is annoying.

I do understand that the people who run this web site have to make a living somehow. I wish that this wasn’t the way.


yes same problem.


Reproduced for THIS Slide-In ad (below).
It has NO close button, and even if it slides back down, it will obfuscate the site’s (X) so that it can’t be clicked!

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I have the “x” button but it only stays closed for one post and then pops right back up.


I’ll probably jinx myself…but why don’t I see ads at all? I do not have an ad blocker. I haven’t seen an ad on this site in ages.

Yep, same here and sometimes it covers the reply that I’m attempting to create. Not this post though.

This is driving me nuts.

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I’m glad it’s not just me! @CC_Jon - Any idea what’s going on?

It is annoying, especially because it covers the # of posts read to the total. I have to try closing the ad to see how many more posts I have to catch up on.

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I can get the bottom banner ad to go away with ad block, but that requires me to affirmatively click ad block and then reload the page every single time I open a CC tab (even if I already have a CC tab open). If anyone has tips for some setting I may be missing, feel free to share.

I’m sure some ad people think more annoying = winning, but patience is running thin. Want site traffic? Want people to not use ad block? Put ads in the sidebar. No videos, no motion, no blocking site functions and content.

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My ad blocker isn’t working anymore. It was fine until a few days ago. Not sure what has happened.

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I jinxed myself when I said above I haven’t been having problems. Lots of ads on macbook pro using chrome, at the bottom like everyone else. Something must have changed on CC’s end.

Still no issues on Iphone for me.

Ads are targeted, so we don’t all get the same ads. The problem with closing certain ads likely has more to do with the designs of those specific ads.

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You already purchased it all?
Now even Google is at loss what still to recommend.

Precisely - I understand the need for ad revenue, and support it.

But it’s the job of a site’s operator/designer to place ads in a way that they won’t interfere with visitor accessing content and interacting with the site.

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We’ve had a few changes in the ad design. Last week our developers fixed the problem where ads block the reply box. I’m bringing up the newer issues as well, but I don’t know when we will be able to address them. The big problems from my perspective are:

  1. Ads that overlap with content or site function. (I still see these problems when using moderator tools, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other edge cases.)
  2. Ads that can’t be dismissed. (No X.)
  3. Ads that come back after they are dismissed. (I’m not sure how this is supposed to work, but it seems like the ads reload from time to time and the new ad doesn’t know that the user has dismissed it.)

The ads are blocking my “reply” button. I have to click on “X,” sometimes twice, to get rid of the ad before I can post.

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Thank you Jon. It’s helpful to know that the issue is being worked on.

The ads are blocking the entire lower 1/4 of my screen (on my computer).