Affluenza drunk driver getting out of jail soon

Sorry to post and run, but I got interrupted after I posted this.
I wonder if he will be allowed to live with his mom who is out on bond for helping him flee to Mexico?


A local college kid got into his car after partying and drove the wrong way on the freeway. One person is dead, and it was not the kid. He walked out without a scratch. Apprently, not from a poor family as his parents posted his $100,000 bail. I wonder if he is going to try to pull the affluenza defense…

At the very least, I hope the victim’s families soaked the affluenza family for all they are worth in a civil suit.

Whenever I see this story coming up, I inwardly thank my stars that that kid is not one of mine. I know anyone can get into an accident, but the level of disregard, indeed, disdain, for the victims exhibited by this guy and his mother, is horrific. I agree and hope that the victims and their families got it all, but I tend to doubt it.

I read where one of his passengers who was in the bed of his truck and injured severely (cannot move–can only blink his eyes) settled for about $2 million. Don’t have time to look for the link right now.

Although I do feel that his 2 years served might be too short, what is the right amount of time? I’m not sure I feel that having him rot in prison for a decade or decades is the best thing for either him or society.


6 - only 2 million for such a severe injury. That seems low but it may have been reduced because he was riding (against the law) in the bed of the truck. HIs own negligence would reduce his award in some states. Not sure about Texas.

The terms of his parole are pretty strict. I will be very surprised if he is able or willing to abide by them.

@Nrdsb4 What are his parole terms or do you have a link that lays it out?

@doschicos, I did add one after I posted. It’s in post #10.

I think most, if not all, of the people hurt in the accident have settled. There was a 20/20/48-hours/Dateline show on it and they had a section on the civil suits. Most of those were handled by and settled by the insurance companies.

Thanks, @Nrdsb4. I hadn’t refreshed at the right moment. Those parole conditions don’t seem too onerous for a normal person as a condition to get out of jail but his family doesn’t have a good track record of following the law. Let’s hope they’ve learned from the past.

I think they are quite onerous for this particular person. I just don’t see him living up to them. I hope I’m wrong, though.

Mom was out on bond and had positive drug test. If Ethan is living with her, I predict it won’t be long until he’s back in jail. Mother of the Year.

As ridiculous as the affluenza defense is, 2-years served would not be an uncommon punishment for intoxicated manslaughter without a prior criminal record in Texas.

Well that didn’t take long, I also think her son will be joining her soon. What get’s me is that it’s not like she didn’t know she’d be drug tested, it seems that she feels the law and more specifically the terms and conditions of her parole don’t really apply to her.

Drug addicts (mom keeps testing positive for meth) aren’t particularly known for making rational decisions.