Affordable BFA Tech Theatre List

Hi! I am a rising senior at a performing arts high school in Florida. I’ve been researching technical theatre programs (mostly with an emphasis in scenic design) for over a year now, but it seems many top programs are financially out of reach. The net price calculators of schools such as University of Cincinnati, Rutgers, and Oklahoma City gave me almost no aid. Our EFC is currently around 20k, and we could not pay much more. I have one older sibling in college now (who plans on attending graduate school) and two younger siblings who will also be going to college.

I’ve compiled a list of schools which I either know will be affordable or would be with the right combination of need-based and merit/talent aid. I’ve just started my Common App for several of the schools, and I was wondering if anyone here would have some insight into the financial aid/talent scholarships at some of them, or if there are any schools I should add. Any help is appreciated!

Carnegie Mellon
Missouri State
Montclair State
Point Park
Texas Christian
Texas Tech
University of Central Florida
University of Florida

@003techie you might want to check out SUNY Purchase, SUNY Fredonia and University at Buffalo. They are all well respected New York State theatre tech programs. They are state schools with lower costs than private schools.

@dramamama3 Thank you!

Wouldn’t U of Miami also be a possibility, combining Bright Futures with the merit and need-based aid available there?

Boston University meets full need now, and has a strong theatre tech program.

Syracuse doesn’t guarantee full-need-met aid, but between need-based and merit aid it might well come in at your EFC if your application is strong.

My d is going to Syracuse for Acting and got an amazing financial aid package in grants and scholarships.

I second SUNY Purchase and suggest adding U of Arizona. UA and Missouri State have automatic scholarships for students with strong academics.

Coastal Carolina has a pretty strong (but small) design and tech BFA program, and very reasonably priced.