AFRL Scholars Program 2021

hey! I didn’t see a thread on the new application for the AFRL Scholars Program 2021this year so decided to make one lol. I also wanted to ask when admissions results come out, where you guys applied to, and if you have received any notifications or updates!

I applied to both Kirtland and Eglin, but no official offers yet from either.

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hey! I haven’t heard anything yet either. Did you personally reach out to any mentors during the application period?


I emailed them, they said that it’s being delayed. Yes I did, what about you? which sites/projects did you apply to? I applied to Kirtland


I applied to Kirtland as well! How did your email communications with the mentors go? Were you able to continue the conversations? For me I only emailed a couple and they were pretty nice and helpful.

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Also I’m a little confused on the program timeline. If we’re accepted, do we start working in May? I have my finals then :confused:

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Are you in HS? Decent I think, which projects did you apply to?

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Yes, depends on your school start date.

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Hi, I also applied. Got a response from one mentor but haven’t heard back from anyone else.

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i emailed them when they were sending official letters, they said starting in mid-feb - late march :slight_smile:

I applied to Eglin, but same thing. Applied to 3 projects and had an interview. Did you have an interview?

Still no response, hopefully they send it out in the next 2-3 weeks :slight_smile:

offers have been sent out!

We created an unofficial Discord server for scholars just to chat and hangout. DM me if you’re interested in joining!

I am applying to Eglin this summer. In February, I had emailed the mentors for the projects I was interested in. I still have not gotten any emails back, as well as any interview notice. Is anyone else facing these same issues?

i’m in the same boat :frowning:

Eglin hasn’t come out yet

ok thanks! Has all of kirtland come out yet?

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Yeah, Kirtland has come out.

So has anyone heard from or been offered an internship at Eglin?