<p>Are there any foreign exchange students here, in America, using the American Field Service (AFS) as their form of high school foreign exchange?</p>

<p>I plan on going to Portugal next year using this program and would like information by how the students actually feel about this particular program and if they like it or not. </p>


<p>hey! haha i think i met you on myspace...i'm going to portugal in 06-07 with afs too</p>

<p>yeah..i think you gave me the emails</p>

<p>nice to see ya again!</p>

<p>i am afs now in US from China~
feel free to ask me</p>

<p>I'm glad that I joined this program.
I'm ****ed off by this program sometimes and
my exchange student life sucks once in a while
but overall this year is worth even second. </p>

-try everthing but don't die<br>
-have fun but don't screw up your future
-be optimistic but don't get killed</p>

<p>good luck, safe trip, have fun</p>

that word is banned?</p>


<p>Hi. I've been an echange student with Afs in the states last year and this experience completely changed my life. That's prolly the best thing u can o with your life right now.</p>

<p>I'm gonna return this fall as an international student.</p>

<p>Good luck and try to make the best of that year cause it can really change your life too.</p>

<p>i would love for everyone to look at my profile, get my AIM and im me so we can talk about AFS! Im so excited to go!</p>

<p>my trip is almost over
have some downs and ups. but looking back it is a great is only i would have never done it again.....but eveyrbody is different and one thing i learnt(even though i never changed host family which is quite rare) is that not host family matches, and when actions of changing requires do not hestitate hope you have a wonderful year</p>

<p>I would not have done it again, because that would be too many years of high school life. There're other things more exciting than that, though this year is quite exciting (using this word coz I can't find the better one) </p>

<p>Still, it is an awesome experience.</p>

<p>Mayflower, where are you staying in US?</p>

<p>what i mean is that..i wouldn't not choose it if i could go back.......but it doesn't mean that ididn't enjoy my year
Dallas, TEXas
where did you go
would afs exchange student thing be a big advantage of applying?</p>

<p>I'm staying in Alexandria, VA
And I think joining AFS program will make our application look better....well, kind of.</p>

<p>yea, i just posted this somewhere else, but whatever. american uni's think that a year abroad with afs is an amazing experience, definetly gives you the leg up on admissions, and sets you apart from the crowd. </p>

<p>i e-mailed all the ivy leagues and other big uni's about this, they all responded with that it would be the best thing anyone can do in high school.</p>

<p>Jake R where did yougo and where did you come from</p>

<p>oh sorry, i'm from boston, usa and i'm going to go to portugal for a year abroad. haven't gone yet though</p>

<p>can u guys tell me more abt AFS ike who can apply, when n how much does it cost etc?? thnx!!</p>

<p>check out the website
it depends which country you are interested to go
<a href=""&gt;;/a>
apply for scholarship and have a free ride.........
you don't need to spend much at other country unless being very me, i only spend 1000 dollar so far for 10 months..</p>

<p>i have recieved word of my flight schedule and visa information but not of my host family. what kind of gift should i give them that expresses america or something of american nature?</p>

<p>sth american
sth that can' tget
sth you /your parents would like it yourself</p>

<p>if you ask me what to buy in America when leaving for your home country i would be more helpful
yeah, i am leaving tomorrow~

<p>where are you going?</p>