After transfer, which classes, besides major classes, will I take?

<p>I have had my TAG approved for UC Davis and plan to transfer this coming fall. I will have IGETC done and all my major pre reqs done. Looking at the website for my major it appears as though I need to take about 10 upper div classes to complete the major. But we need 180 quarter units to graduate. Are the remaining classes simply additional electives to reach the 180 units? Can they be lower division or must they all be upper division? I have started looking at course offerings and there are some in other subjects, both upper and lower div that look interesting. I am assuming that in my 6 quarters I will have to take more than just the 10 classes for my major and just want to know which classes I should be looking at. Might there be a chance that I could finish a quarter early? Would be great to save some money. Thanks!</p>

<p>Yes, the remaining classes to reach the required 180 units can be lower division units. Also, you can finish a quarter early if you’ve completed all the courses required for your major and have filed a major certification with your major department.</p>

<p>There is an upper division writing class that you either have to take or test out of. Besides that, you can pretty much take whatever you is required to take 64 upper division units. I am a fall transfer, and i am on track to finish a quarter early. Finishing a quarter early is a really smart idea if you don’t have many classes to take. my first quarter at Davis i took 13 units, and for the next 4 quarters ill take 16 units and finish 1 quarter early. I did transfer with the maximum amount of units, which it sounds like you are also. with the 64 upper division unit requirement you will be required to average 12.8 upper division units per quarter, then fill in the gaps with either lower division or other upper division classes to finish in 5 quarters. Good luck, i’m sure you will enjoy Davis!</p>

<p>Thanks! So if I am understanding, once I take the 60-66 (or at least 64) units of upper division classes for my major I can take whatever I want to fill in the 180 units needed to graduate? I was looking at some interesting lower division music classes and was trying to find out if I could take those. What is it like taking 4 classes at a time in the quarter system? I would love to finish one quarter early but I guess it depends on your major and what those 4 classes would be. I am an anthropology major so it won’t be like engineering but I am sure there will be lots of reading and paper writing.</p>

<p>yes, you can take whatever you want after everything but the 180 unit requirement is fulfilled. taking 4 classes in a quarter is pretty normal - i took 3 this past quarter and it was really light. i’m taking 20 units next quarter, but one of the classes is sort of a fun class so i don’t think it’ll add too much to my workload.
i have space for 24 more random units in my schedule before i graduate and i’ve been thinking of taking up a second minor, lol</p>