Aggie Class of 2024.. advice before you hit submit on application

Unfortunately for class of 2023 we saw a lot of what @Mommydoodle is talking about. Great stats, well rounded students who did not get in.

I feel strongly that prepping to send the application in should also include the mental prep of handling the “rejection” if you are not granted admission. Have solid back ups that you like. If you don’t, keep looking for other schools. There are too many great schools out there to feel like you are settling.

The program my daughter wanted was not available on PSA or PTA. And a straight transfer is difficult and you would almost certainly be adding an extra year onto your education. So PSA was not something even considered.

My daughter will be attending college at a school that we did not know existed (as a undergraduate school) until we began the process. And I think it is an excellent fit for her.

There were probably hundreds of students at my daughter’s school that got CAPed from UT a couple of weeks before my daughter got her TAMU PSA. That really took a lot of the sting out of PSA for her. When you see your friend ranked around 18 percent - with a 36 ACT get CAPed you know you are not alone. My daughter came home saying - “Wow mom, nobody really has been talking about college admissions, but today in every single class (She was in 4 AP classes) that is all anyone was talking about. Nobody got into UT that wasn’t an auto admit.” Interestingly - all the auto admits seemed to get the exact major they applied for.

Sorry about the late reply, and thanks for the advice. What I meant was, I would have him get essays prepared for all three prompts since he will not know which one he will be asked to write about on the application. But I’m wondering if I am understanding the essay process correctly. Is this how it works? Just be ready to answer any of the three, no telling which one they will ask for?

I have another question about the essay (sorry, complete newbie to this process and I’m finding it confusing and intimidating). Since the application is the Apply Texas application, does that mean the students’ essays should be generic rather than tailored to each school? My son understands he is a longshot for A&M, so of course will be applying to other schools. So if he tailors his essay to A&M (mentioning A&M in the essay) will the other school admission reps read it and wonder what the heck he is going on about?

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@GermanPancakes for tamu they will tell you what essay ahead of time. The prompt should be set by now. You don’t write it at time of application. And unless you’re engineering, you will only and I mean only write one.

Not all schools require an essay. Some have short answer questions.

I’ll go check on prompt. Since applications open in less than a month, the prompt has to be set. At least it has in all prior years.

Go to and they have the prompt for freshman. It’s dated 2019

And then google to be sure.

Excellent, thank you so much, @AggieMomhelp . The essay is topic A:

“Tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your high school career that have shaped who you are today?”

So if he tailors his essay to Texas A&M, it is application-specific and then he can tweak it for other schools within Apply Texas?

Exactly!!! Good luck. Fun process but jeez the nerves. Lol

Just so I’m clear, the ACT/SAT doesn’t need the writing portion, correct?

It doesn’t for acceptance BUT some scholarships require it from what I understand. But no, not to apply for TAMU… only essay is the one on the application.

I just cannot believe that it’s almost that time for the high school class of 2020. What an exciting (and nerve wracking) time! I’m hoping for a very positive application season for all of our rising seniors!

I can’t stress this enough………………do your application as soon as you can, don’t wait until Nov or Dec!!!

No reason not to take the writing portions of SAT/ACT. Sure am glad my daughter did…she would not be receiving President’s Endowed Scholarship without having taken the writing portion-it is required.
Definitely submit application by the time school has started, if not sooner.

Apply early. Beat the rush before Admissions gets overwhelmed, plus some majors will fill up (Engineering, Mays, maybe Visualization). Have others review your app and essays before submitting. Request LORs early, as stated before, beat the rush before teachers get inundated with requests. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t list engineering majors as first and second choice, since all freshmen go into general engineering and then apply for their major later in the ETAM process. Take the SAT and the ACT. Don’t disregard one of them. Some students are better suited for one versus the other. Take them multiple times and try to get qualified as an academic admit if not top 10%. Take a prep course if needed. Don’t leave it in the hands of Admissions reviewers. And as @52AG82 said, take the writing portions. Visit the regional A&M prospective student center, get aquainted, ask advice, review application and essays, participate in activities. Go on a campus tour and housing tours. Be active, not passive, throughout the application process. Don’t trust a website. Ensure that transcripts, LORs, SAT and ACT scores, etc are received. Verify, verify, verify! If something doesn’t seem right, ask early, not later. Monitor your AIS page and the Howdy portal. And apply to multiple colleges, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Agree to EVERYTHING @CamandCam said‼️

My son was given helpful advice when he was writing the separate essay that is required for Engineering applicants. He was told to include in his essay his interests in engineering and what he wants to see himself doing as an engineer in the future. To not write generally, but be specific. He wrote about his interest in the future of self driving cars, electric engines etc. He was a review candidate and was accepted into the Engineering Academy at Blinn. He will live in the engineering community this Fall on campus and take classes at both Blinn Rellis and main TAMU campus. Just got back from his New Student Conference and he is so excited about the coming year. If your student is offered an academy or Galveston, don’t discount it!

Apply Texas says 2 essays are required, but A&M admissions says only Essay A. Makes me a bit nervous to only do one.

@mjette1 - how can apply Texas say 2 when the app is not open yet?

It’s the sample application. Last time I looked at the sample there was only Essay A listed as required, but now there are 3 essays with A and B listed as required.


UPDATE: I found it at this link

@CamandCam great information! Thank you so much. I have a question about this suggestion you made "Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t list engineering majors as first and second choice, since all freshmen go into general engineering and then apply for their major later in the ETAM process. "
If student wants engineering then what SHOULD they list as first and second choice? Thanks!