Aid Award Letter

<p>Hopefully someone has some information about this:</p>

<p>A few days ago I recieved my acceptance letter from Centre (awesome!), but it didn’t include a financial aid award with it and I’m wondering if this is because I didn’t recieve any or because the school sends it seperatley. I find it hard to believe my stats wouldn’t qualify me for some sort of Merit Aid (3.81 UW at top private school / 2180 SAT / strong ECs), but I want to make sure, as I feel this is a good barometer for the rest of my southern LACs which I’ve applied to that have yet to release their decisions. Thank you to anyone who can help, and congratulations to any others who have been accepted thusfar.</p>

<p>I was at a Centre event recently and they told me they'd be sending out financial aid letters a week from Friday. I'm waiting for mine too. Good luck!</p>

<p>It's so hard to wait for those letters isn't it? Good luck to you both and I hope you get what you need to attend. My daughter graduated from Centre in 2008 and it was an awesome experience. She got a great education and made lifelong friends -- in fact one is her current roommate with 2 other alum living next door :)</p>

<p>There is nothing more beautiful than Centre's campus in any season and the teaching faculty is amazing.</p>