<p>I will be attending AIM in a few weeks, and was wondering what I can expect other than what is on the CGA website. Can anyone give me an idea of the types of things we will do and the things I can prepare for?</p>

<p>Mostly my son said it was very intense. The first night or two sounded like they were the worst because when you are not used to being screamed at and intimidated, it was kind of a shock to your system. He said the kids who had attended other academy summer programs felt that they spent more time at the other academy programs in a classroom setting than they did when at the CGA. It sounds like as the week goes on, it gets a little easier. They try to end it on a positive note. Lots of mind games. I know a kid got sent home the summer my son was there for doing something he thought was a little joke so I would suggest looking at the AIM week as a weeklong interview. You will be tired and hot and irritable, but try to maintain your composure as much as you can. Whatever you do, don't say or write anything to the cadre that you will later regret.</p>

<p>I think after the first night, my son slept on top of the made bed because it saved time in the morning. You only have so many seconds to jump out of your bed and get to the hall. I can't remember if it was swab summer or AIM week, but if they tell you you have to wake up because of the loud noise (speaker?) in the morning, then don't try to set an alarm a few minutes earlier so you have more will get nabbed and it is not good...I will let you know if we remember anything else that might help.</p>

<p>Among other things, you may lose your voice. My son really enjoyed the 'save the ship' exercise. You and your shipmates get in a tank with pipes that 'leak'. Your team must stop the leak before the water overflows the tank in order to save your ship.</p>

<p>I am leaving for AIM in a few days. What should I pack?</p>

<p>Everything you need to bring is listed in the AIM handbook, available to download from the USCGA web site.</p>

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<p>I leave for AIM next friday. From what I understand it's a really intense experience, but I think it will be well worth it!</p>

<p>I just returned from dropping my son at Leamy Hall for AIM #1. (in the middle of a power failure! - no lights, no AC, no electricity academy-wide)</p>

<p>What a beautiful campus! I can only imagine how great it looks in the fall.</p>

<p>He saw a few people that he recognized from USAFA SS B, so he was a little more relaxed than the last one (as was I, driving him in person rather than puttting him on a plane by himself for the first time to Colorado Springs).</p>

<p>I can only hope he chooses this place over USAFA, going there to watch him play football will be a much easier drive. ;)</p>

<p>I also think it's nice that the parents are invited back on Thursday to observe and participate before Friday morning departure.</p>

<p>We spent the entire day at the academy yesterday, there was a great parent/family turnout (about 160 kids total). The staff, faculty, and officers there are top notch, they seem to really care about those they command/teach. As the smallest academy, there is a very "homey" family-type feel to it.</p>

<p>They said the weather was brutal for most of the week: mid 90's - on CFA day one company didn't get to do it because of a "code black" weather alert, where all physical activity must be curtailed.</p>

<p>"G" company won the honor company competition (they swept every event-Indoc/Athletics/Drill/Engineering).</p>

<p>We got to spend about 40 minutes talking with our son yesterday after the graduation ceremony - no cell phones/text messages allowed all week! </p>

<p>He said it was 180 degrees from the USAFA summer session he attended - MUCH more yelling, indoc, drill, etc - more military oriented, right from the start. But he enjoyed it more! He said eating was tough (eyes in the boat), but overall his experience there was very positive, very upbeat.</p>

<p>Off to pick him up for 0800 departure.</p>

<p>Just got back from AIM a few hours ago... VERY tired right now but it was all well worth it! Bravo Company (my company, naturally) won honor company this week. Now off to sleep...</p>

<p>Here is a link to some pictures taken at AIM recently.</p>

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<p>I was in Golf Company this past week. We won the Engineering Competition and came in 3rd overall. I think the Cadre were upset that we didn't live up to the week's before standard of coming in 1st in everything.</p>