air conditioning?

This is not a frivolous question.

My daughter was admitted to Adelphi, but we have not yet been able to visit that school.

I noticed on the housing page that air conditioning is an option. I’m glad that was mentioned because it isn’t something that i had thought about being an option or not. In Texas, everything is air conditioned.

Part of why my daughter is looking out of state is that she has extreme difficulties with heat. She does not have the ability to sweat, so she can’t handle high heat well at all. She tends to pass out.

Are the classroom buildings air conditioned?
I know that air conditioning is an option for the dorms, so she would definitely request an air conditioned room and we can get a medical note to show that it’s necessary for her.

Just in case anybody is interested in the answer to this question:
All the classrooms are air conditioned.
Most of the dorms have one floor that is air conditioned and you choose your dorm room during room selection. When my daughter’s turn came up for room selection, she had plenty of air conditioned options to choose from.

The disability office approved my daughter’s air conditioning accommodation, but she had already gotten an air conditioned dorm room before the accommodation was approved.

For anybody who applies for accommodations, the disability services office takes a really really really long time to process the paperwork.

I noticed that too and thought it was weird… I mean, I thought all buildings these days had air conditioning! :-S

Did you ever find out the answer to this?

When we toured the school recently, we were told that some dorm areas have ac and some don’t. The buildings that don’t are older and may not be retrofitted. We live in NY and don’t have central air at home. We have window units. My S didn’t think it would be necessary for us to pay extra for him to have a room with AC, especially since school is out during the hottest part of the year.