Alabama vs Florida State

I am a high school senior interested in Advertising and I am currently having trouble deciding between Florida state and Alabama. Anyone have some suggestions? Or any stories on why they chose one over the other?

Have you visited both?

How much will money matter? Do you have a good idea what each will cost?

FSU will not release EA decisions until late January. How confident are you that you’ll be admitted? Their acceptance rate is going down as their US News ranking goes up.

I’ve been put in as likely in Naviance to get in but I visited both and loved both. I’m mostly just looking for some things about each school or the city around them that I may not have been able to get through a simple tour.

Both universities are in big towns/small cities (Tallahassee is a little bigger and the state capital)
Alabama has more of a ‘southern’ feel if that matters.
FSU’s campus is somewhat smaller.
University quality differences are small with an edge possibly to FSU.
If you are struggling with the decision, finances would be a reasonable way to break the tie.

Finances should be the deciding factor after everything is considered. FSU would be much affordable as a Florida resident. However, Alabama is known to give killer scholarships assuming you are able to qualify. FSU is much more selective than Alabama and you are really not going to find out for a couple of months whether it would be even an option Is advertising under the business school or communications school? One thing to consider depending on where you live in Florida, flying in and out of Birmingham is very expensive.