Alberta schools - U of A & U of C

<p>Any feedback on these two schools, University of Alberta and University of Calgary?
How good are their business schools?
Do they have a good reputation?</p>

<p>Both these schools have good reputations. From Calgary, but didn’t attend the U of C because it didn’t offer the program I wanted… U of A didn’t either. </p>

<p>At least in Calgary, it seems a majority of students went to U of A thinking it was more prestigious. I think at the root that rational was driven more by a want to get out of Calgary… and Edmonton was the most attainable chance. </p>

<p>One benefit of both of these schools is that, depending on your dream career, there is a good chance you’ll be in the epicenter. (If you want to be a petroleum engineer, starting out in Alberta is not a bad choice).</p>

<p>Their business schools aren’t really known for anything. They’re really just mediocre, and don’t have a very good reputation.</p>

<p>Between the two, which is better?</p>

<p>U Calgary Haskayne is a program that emphasizes co-op… but that’s all I know about either B-school.</p>

<p>I would think there are more opportunities for networking, internships, and such at the UofC. A number of companies are based in Calgary, more than in Edmonton.</p>

<p>Both universities have strong reputations, both in Canada and worldwide. The province of Alberta is certainly a great place to pursue your business degree, given the good economy and wealth of job opportunities. Here are some rankings of Canadian business schools, which I hope you will find helpful. </p>

<p>[University</a> and business school ranking in Canada](<a href=“]University”></p>

<p>[Top</a> 10 Canadian MBA schools - Canadian Business](<a href=“]Top”></p>

<p>[Business</a> school rankings from the Financial Times - Global MBA Ranking 2013](<a href=“]Business”></p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. How about their undergraduate business programs? What is the general reputation of both universities?</p>

<p>@UAlberta: It’s cool that you’re trying to promote your university and all, but let’s not try to ruin moneyp’s career by convincing him to go to UofA of UofC.</p>

<p>In general (i.e. not looking at business), UAlberta is a more prestigious school. However, recent budget cuts by the provincial government seem to have hit UAlberta harder than UCalgary.</p>

<p>Both of them are mediocre universities. Although, they both have a good place in world university ranking (QS: UAlberta= 96, UCalgary= 201), keep in mind that most of these rankings put a lot weight on the academics and research, and less on the job market etc.</p>

<p>Also keep in mind that Canadian universities have a different environment than US colleges. (Read this: <a href=“[/url]”></a>)</p>

<p>I don’t have a lot to say about their business schools, but before considering them learn as much as you can about the BComm degree offered by these two.
I also know that Haskayne (UofC) has a little bit more competitive admissions than other UofC programs…</p>

<p>lmao, UofA has a college rep? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a presence on StudentAwards or a more Canadian site?</p>

<p>Edmonton has more of a start-up scene, but there are lots of offices in Calgary. Calgary’s also the better city, IMO. Just apply to both and try hitting up a student attending. That might be more helpful.</p>

<p>Hi ecouter11 - just trying to help any international applicants that have questions about studying at UAlberta! If anyone has any questions for us, we are happy to help. :)</p>

<p>Thanks UAlberta but how about their undergraduate business programs? The links you had given were more for MBA. How about their overall undergrad experience/reputation?</p>

<p>Hi moneyp - it is a challenge to find rankings of Canadian BCom (undergraduate) programs, as most ranking systems focus on MBA programs or the university overall. (If anyone else has a Canadian undergraduate business school ranking to share, please do!) </p>

<p>I can tell you that the Alberta School of Business offers 16 different majors and a strong cooperative work program that has a long record of success - the Alberta economy remains strong, with many job opportunities. There are opportunities for international work placements as well. We were the first business school in Canada to receive AACSB accreditation (and remain the longest continually accredited Business school in Canada). Our Business school has four 3M Teaching Fellowships (in Canada, 3M awards recognize undergraduate teaching excellence) which is the highest in the country.</p>

<p>As a college rep, however, I know that everyone expects us to provide only the best information about our own institution - I encourage you to explore these links to see what our current students and alumni are saying:</p>

<li><p>LazyFaire Magazine - written by and for current UAlberta Business students: [L</a> A Z Y F A I R E](<a href=“]L”></p></li>
<li><p>Alberta School of Business on Facebook- search UofASoB</p></li>

<p>I wonder how good is YOUniversityHub but this is simply giving equal weight to undergrad and grad business education… then again the top 10 is given out in no order.</p>

<p>[Best</a> Business Schools in Canada - Canadian Business School Ranking | YOUniversityHub](<a href=“”></p>

<p>@UAlberta, thanks for the links.</p>

<p>I am sure of UA is quite familiar with American curriculum. </p>

<p>Could you please check with admissions department if these set of subjects qualify for admission to UA?
I am being told that the curriculum being done now does not meet UA requirements.
My curriculum is as follows:
Grade 12 : American Government, Advance Math 1, English 12, Physics, and Latin 2. Grade 11 : American History, American Literature, Chemistry, English 11, Latin 1.
Grade 10 : Accounting, Algebra 2, Geometry, Biology, Economics, English 10, Spanish 1, World History
Grade 9 : Algebra 1, Earth Science, English 9, Grammar and Composition, Health Science 1, Vocabulary</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. Hope to hear from you back.</p>


<p>thanks for the link.</p>

<p>@moneyp Yes, UAlberta does admit many students with the US curriculum. You will also need to present SAT/ACT scores. You can find more info at
[International</a> Admission Subjects and Course Equivalencies - UAlberta - International Undergraduate Students - University of Alberta](<a href=“]International”></p>

<p>Please note: Before you can enter the School of Business at UAlberta, you must complete what is called a “Pre-professional year” of university, during which time you must take certain pre-requisite courses. At the end of the pre-professional year, students may apply to the School of Business.</p>

<p>Most students spend their pre-professional year in the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science. For example, here are the requirements to apply to the Faculty of Arts:
[Bachelor</a> of Arts - Undeclared - Admissions - University of Alberta](<a href=“]Bachelor”></p>

<p>The best thing to do is contact Ms. Giovana Bianchi, our Recruitment Coordinator, who deals specifically with US curriculum applicants and will be able to advise you more specifically on your credentials. You can find her contact info at
[Contact</a> Us - UAlberta - International Undergraduate Students - University of Alberta](<a href=“]Contact”></p>

<p>For whatever it’s worth, I know someone who got into BCG from UofA w/ a degree in economics.</p>