Alert: Dorm doubles may become triples!

<p>Hey- has anyone read the e-mail sent today from Campus Housing stating that double rooms at ALL dorms may become triples? What do you make of this? My roommate and I chose Yosemite partly based on the fact that we only wanted a double. The thought of a triple really has us bummed. I really can't see how you can cram three people in these small spaces, even with a bunk! We're hoping that only SOME rooms will be converted to triples. Thoughts, anyone?</p>

<p>I wonder if financial aid will have anything to do with which students get put in triples?</p>

<p>I read the email. :( At least it gives us a chance to meet and become close with another person. I hope that the people who applied for housing the earliest get to have doubles still!</p>

<p>As far as I know, Financial Aid has nothing to do with triples. It simply is the fact that way more first years got in than the campus can house. Be thankful that they aren't putting you into off-campus housing like they used to do with overflow.</p>

<p>does that mean transfer singles in cerro apartments will get doubles? i didn't get an e-mail saying they were but just checking.</p>

<p>Called the Housing office for details and was told they currently have 3800 spaces for freshmen in dorms but 4100 they need to create some triples to accommodate the extra demand. They also said doubles will be assigned in the order in which your housing app. was received so if you applied for housing early, your chances for a double are improved. Surfbuff-- Wouldn't think this affects Cerro, but you can call the Housing office if you want an answer.</p>

<p>Wow. I hope that's true! I applied ED</p>

<p>There is no way they could convert the single bedrooms in cerro into doubles. The rooms are just too small. So everyone living in cerro, you guys lucked out!</p>

<p>The housing is assigned in order of who paid first, not who applied first. When this happened 2 years ago when my son was a freshman, the students assigned triples were given the option to move into the unused apartments in Cerro Vista and Poly Canyon. With enrollment being cut I would think that this would be the case again this year. I would call Campus Housing. And no, they don't double up the rooms in Cerro Vista.</p>

<p>For this fall, your housing deposit was needed to reserve a housing space so application and payment are essentially one and the same. Housing office says some are coming forward to request triples instead of their originally requested doubles (for the savings) so hopefully that will improve the odds for those of us who are hoping for the doubles.</p>

<p>^^^It was that way last year, as well. In order to reserve housing you needed to accept Cal Poly's offer of admittance and send in your deposit at the same time. Of course, it was refundable up to a certain time. And, it was pretty much "first come, first served", ie; whomever paid their deposit first. However there wasn't the issue of triples in Yosemite and Sierra Madre, (my daughter's first choices). Muir was her 3rd choice and she did have some concern about getting a triple if she ended up there. All was good---she was in Yosemite and loved it!</p>

<p>Checked my portal today and see that my housing balance is now posted. When I went to SOAR earlier this week, they said that when you are able to view your housing balance, depending on the amount due, that will tell you whether you got a double or triple.
So, whoopee, I got a double. Hope you all get the same good news if that is what you want.</p>

<p>To: Artysmom When do you submit the housing deposit? Are you early decision? </p>

<p>We submitted Regular Decision during the first day possible (march 1st). My daughter is so bummed. According to Housing payment she got tripled. Called housing and they said alot of the doubles were taken during early decision which is hard to believe.</p>

<p>Submitted RD first day like you. Maybe it has to do with which dorm you requested. My request was for Yosemite. Still don't know if that is where I'll be assigned. Sorry about the triple. I actually have spoken to a few friends who are in triples elsewhere (one at Harvard, so i guess it's happening everywhere) and really don't mind them like they thought they would. Also, housing says in Oct., you can request a change to another dorm room IF they can accommodate. Hope this helps...</p>

<p>I too figured when they billed me I would be able to tell if I got a double or a triple. Not wanting a triple... and I applied ED. My balance due is $8319.00 I got a double right?</p>

<p>Tim--according to the speaker at SOAR, yes, the amount you mentioned means you scored a double. Congrats! Will still be nice to see when we get our official housing assignments, I think we find out Aug. 18th?</p>

<p>My kid received a note saying she has been put into a quad or overflow. I hope it will be a quad. I would rather have her be in a quad than a triple, the room is 2x the size. My other daughter was in a triple at UC Berkeley this last year and it was horrible. There was not enough room for the girls and all of their stuff and way to much drama.</p>

<p>I talked to housing and they told me they are trying to place 4200 freshman for those 3800 spaces so the number of kids needing housing must be going up :(</p>