Alfred Univeristy? Any information? visits? (posts on CC are old) Esp. for non art/engineering?

I am wondering if anyone has any firsthand current information about Alfred University? My son is considering Environmental studies/science or Education (biology). We know it is strong for art and engineering but wondering about other majors. Our interest stems from the fact that ds is an avid outdoorsman and doesn’t want to be in a city.

We have a subforum for them.


Environmental Science, not studies, preferably, if student is interested in teaching HS science. :slight_smile:

DD is a current Junior majoring in Psychology/Women’s studies. The dorm she lives in (Joel’s House)has a student run sugar shack :slight_smile: . She has taken astronomy courses, and her BF is in Renewable Energy Engineering. Deer are regular visitors to her part of campus, as it is at the top of campus in the hills. Lots of hiking trails, and student groups like Forest Life are active. If you have specific questions, please feel free to PM me and I will pass it on to Hanna.