all my nostalgia was quelled

<p>Usually It's just quelled in my dreams, when I dream about all the people I used to know. But today it was quelled irl:</p>

<li>played Some SSB on the nintendo, which I used to play a ton when I was very young.</li>
<li>watched some old cartoons with a friend</li>
<li>went to middle school reunion with that friend. Everyone was nice to me even though I reticently ate the salad with my fingers.</li>


<li>talked to the russian kid that was very smart that transferred in 7th grade that I knew fairly well. He is majoring in astrophysics at UCSC and is unfortunately into body building. What's redeeming is that he knows a lot about the underlying biology, which I too incidentally know. Maybe it's not so unfortunate in the first place though. Maybe he can protect me in the woods.</li>

<p>wow, you have more friends than i do</p>

<p>HAHAH. I've been playing Ssb on the wii so whatever :)</p>

<p>do you mean melee?</p>