Allegheny as a safety?


I’ve got my reaches covered. Looking for good language and comparative literature safeties. Any ideas?

GPA: 4.0 unweighted
new SAT: 1560
AP: 5s in World History and US Gov, 4s in BC Calc (AB subscore 5) and USH
IB: Philosophy SL (5) (and 2 points away from a 6! life is a fickle thing)
SAT 2: 650 US History (whoops), will be taking Literature and French in the fall


  • president of a local grant-giving organization
  • president of a slam poetry club
  • president of a graphic design club
  • vice president of my school’s DECA chapter
  • member of NHS, Mu Alpha Theta
  • raised over $2500 for environmental issues
  • governor’s school for french
  • over 400 volunteer hours at a local animal shelter (since 7th grade, not actually super impressive…)

Would Allegheny be a good safety? Anything else coming to mind?


Express interest.
Allegheny would be a decent safety, but Kalamazoo would likely be better (more emphasis on languages) and for a low match St Olaf has good languages too.

A 4.0 GPA and a 1560 SAT is a match for St. Olaf???

Low match I said - they take interest into account (especially important for high stats kids - nowadays colleges know some high stats kids will just add another college on their common app dashboard but have no intention of attending, so why hurt yield by admitting them?)
If the student has filled out request info form, emailed admissions to query about, say, merit scholarships and the foreign langue/literature majors, then sends Part One by the ED deadline (not ED but by that deadline), and when selected for scholarship weekend demonstrates good knowledge of the college, its offerings, and it’s values, then yes it’s a safety. Barring all that it remains a low match (IE., a near safety but not 100% certain).
Safety typically means certainty you’ll get in and that the college is affordable.

St Lawrence would also be a good “low match” (same caveat as above) and proximity to Quebec may make it appealing.