Allegheny College 2022

Hey!! I just applied to Allegheny Early Action, but can’t find anywhere when we’ll find out! Does anyone know?

My daughter applied EA as well. I read on another thread here that last year notifications came out in early December. Not sure if that will happen this year, but hopefully so! Best of luck to you!

My daughter is a freshman at Allegheny and applied EA last year. She got her acceptance by mail on December 24.

I applied EA and my app status just changed to “Decision Processed” and says “Your application for admission has been evaluated. Your admission decision will be delivered by postal mail.” Hopefully this week!

Good luck! My daughter’s status hasn’t changed :frowning:

My son was accepted last week via postal mail (we never set up the portal) with a 32K annual merit. We are very impressed with Allegheny and were thrilled with the financial offer. I’m not sure where he will end up but my heart is warm for Allegheny for many reasons. Good luck to everyone waiting.

@Empireapple would you share your son’s stats? Daughter and I are also very impressed with this school, which we were unfamiliar with until this past year.

From Allegheny Admissions Twitter: “I spy some acceptance letters being sent out today! Congrats to those on the other end. Let us know if you got accepted with #AlleghenyBound

Decision: Accepted (EA)

Accepted with $30k/yr scholarships

SAT: 1280 (690 RW, 590 M)
SAT Subject Tests:
Weighted GPA: 91.982
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 14/65
AP: World History (3), US History (4)
Senior Year Course Load: Sociology, Statistics, English Composition (Dual Enrollment)
Major Awards: Ontario County Youth Recognition Award

-Class President for two years
-Ontario County Youth Advisory Board (Secretary)
-Varsity MasterMinds (Captain)
-Ontario County Center for Dispute Settlement Advisory Council (Youth Representative)
-Concert Chorus (President)
-Cross country
-Outdoor Track
-Indoor Track
-National Honor Society

Job/Work Experience: Customer Service @ local grocery store for three years

Volunteer/Community service:
-Ontario County Youth Court
-Church Student Ministry Leadership
-Political campaign volunteer

Summer Activities: NYS Senator Internship

Essays: 10/10 (Guidance Counselor cried after reading)
Teacher Rec #1: AP World teacher, 10/10
Teacher Rec #2: 12th grade English comp teacher, 9/10
Counselor Rec: 10/10 (Was Class adviser, close relationship)
Additional Rec: XC/track coach, 10/10
Interview: 9/10 (Went well but didn’t get to say as much as I’d like to have)

Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes
Intended Major: Political Science
State (if domestic applicant): New York
School Type: Rural Public
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: ~$100,000/yr

Strengths: Essay, recommendations, and extracurriculars
Weaknesses: SAT score and GPA
Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: High involvement in extracurriculars related to my prospective major
Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected: Allegheny was my first decision so far after applying to 12 schools

accepted early action!!

Daughter still anxiously awaiting word on her EA app. Refuses to check the portal to see status. Is it a bad sign that she hasn’t heard? We thought she had a great chance for admittance but are now feeling nervous.

@taverngirl I wouldn’t be concerned at this stage. I’d reach out to her admissions counselor and ask how the process is going to get a better state of mind. She shouldn’t be concerned with checking her portal though because decisions aren’t posted on the portal it only tells you if a decision has been made so you can expect something in the mail. What are your daughter’s stats?

@senior14548 she has a W gpa of 3.7 (almost all honors and AP), 3 Varsity sports, also clubs/leadership roles/lots of volunteering. Visited and spoke with the English profs (probably major) and ES profs (probably minor) and thought the interview went great. Has interacted with admissions several times. It’s definitely in her top 3. Naviance graphs looked favorable.

@taverngirl I’m almost positive she’ll be accepted. Probably with merit scholarships as well. Hopefully soon!

@Senior14548 I forgot to add her ACT is 31. Anyway, thanks for the vote of confidence. Hoping you’re right!

Status just changed to Decision Processed! Hope to hear this week :-S For anyone wondering, I applied October 23rd.


I am an international student and applied for EA to Allegheny on Nov 28.
I got accepted on Dec 14 with a $30,000 merit-scholarship.

Yet, since the acceptance letter came SUPER fast (I wasn’t expecting like 2 weeks only), I had not had enough time to apply for need-based aid (limited but still any penny counts). My EducationUSA advisor said that I have received full grant possible for international. However, my family can only afford about $17,000 tops for my college and subtracting the $30,000 grant, I still have $22,000 more to pay (let alone the travel cost and the 3-5% annual increase rate).

I was wondering if there is any other chances I might get another $5,000 as need-based aid or any study-working program? (Opportunities for internationals are much less than domestic).

Does anyone have any information regarding my situation? Do you know any international students getting more than $30,000 aid from Allegheny? Will a high ACT score (like 33 or 34) increase my scholarship?

Any oppinions would be appreciated.

P/s: I have not submitted any standardized test scores. Only my SAT Subject scores.

I do not believe there is additional money available. Most American students, who are in need of another 5K for school, work. My son earned 4K last year at a part time job (full time over the summer) while in high school. Working is your best bet. Good luck.

Daughter accepted today with the Trustee Scholarship :slight_smile:

@taverngirl Did your D get emails notifying you of acceptance, or snail mail admits? Thank you!