Allegheny College 2023

My S just applied EA. We did not visit campus, but he has met the admissions rep for our area and has exchanged emails. He is leery of the high acceptance rate, but I think it sounds like a school with rigorous academics. Anyone else apply EA? Anyone have any information to share about the college? Thanks!

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails went there. I hear the town of Meadville is depressed but the school is excellent. They send a lot of kids to PhD programs.

S and I visited and he applied EA. We visited and really liked the school. Meadville is pretty sad, I’ll agree. We visited several small town LACs and Meadville was the saddest town we saw. However, Allegheny is still high on S’s list because the school was warm, friendly and offers a very good education.

My D is a HS Junior and we visited this past summer and also went to an Open House in September. Wife, daughter and I were really impressed. We met the head and assistant athletic coaches of the sport my D would like to play as well as several students and profs. Other schools we have looked at are Denison, Kenyon, Ohio Wesleyan, Juniata and Ursinus. We are looking at schools that are generous in merit aid. As of now, Allegheny is her #1 school.
Nothing really special about Meadville but we felt a very nice engagement with the school and town. Never felt unsafe at all. Our research has lead us to believe that the academics are very strong. Hope this helps. Good luck with your sons college search.

Thanks so much Jm1964! This information does help. This school was on my list, not his. I told him he has to have an open mind in this process - he has friends who will only look at the “prestigious “ schools, but I advised that isn’t always a good strategy. Over the last month or so however, he has learned a lot more about Allegheny and we will definitely visit if he gets an EA acceptance. Good luck also!

My husband is an '89 grad and my daughter will be a ‘20 grad. Husband: majored in Int’ Studies, was in a fraternity, had a job on campus, graduated and went to law school and is now a very successful lawyer. He credits his LA education @ Allegheny for preparing him to be a critical thinker and a good writer as they senior comp requirement is a big part of the curriculum from 1st yr on. Many of his classmates have also gone on to successful careers both with and without postgraduate education. He loved the small college feel, the towny bars and beautiful campus. My daughter is a comm arts/journ major. The size of the school and sleepy, somewhat depressed town was tough at first, but she gained confidence and joined a sorority, the Activities Planning Committee, she’s a choreographer and board member of the very popular Orchesis dance ensemble and has an on campus job. Both she and my husband absorbed and embraced all that the small LA school had to offer and could find activities on and off campus to complete their college experience. Erie is only 45 min away and Pitt is about 90 min. The school plans activities in both cities for the students. I love the campus and the new Wise center for athletics is beautiful.

We visited three times, and it was a top choice for my daughter until the end. It came down to two things, ultimately. One, it’s almost an 8 hour drive for us (felt even longer) and two, my d was afraid it might be a tiny bit too small. But we met a lot of folks in those three visits, and the teachers, administration and students we met were really top notch.

She ended up at URochester - her English prof this year is an Allegheny grad :slight_smile:

S was accepted with a Trustee Scholarship! This definitely puts it in reach financially so we are very excited. Good luck to all!

Was it in the portal or via mail??
Congrats to him…and you!

My child received their acceptance to Allegheny in the mail yesterday. We haven’t visited yet. Does anyone have a comparison to Juniata (or Meadville to Huntingdon) or any of the many other small LACs in PA?

Allegheny is snail mail only. The acceptance letter had a very nice personal paragraph referencing S’s specific ECs and how he might follow those at Allegheny. It was so warm, just like our impression from the visit.

Thanks! My S’s portal says his app has been “evaluated”, so I guess we can expect a letter soon. I’m glad to hear about your visit being so positive!

I made it with the trustee scholarship

Envelope came today! Looks like an acceptance!

Our portal also says “evaluated” for EA, but nothing in the mail this week except a really nice Christmas card!

That’s interesting. We are in PA and my son didn’t get his acceptance until 5 days after the above poster. I wouldn’t think you’d get a Christmas card if he wasn’t admitted. Good luck!

Indeed, she got in with a trustee scholarship as well!

pn24601 - great to hear!!

anyone here receive their financial aid?