Allegheny College Honors Program

I just received an invitation in the mail today to join Allegheny’s Honors Program. I was not aware an Honors Program at Allegheny even existed, so I was caught completely off guard when I opened the letter. Does anyone have an inside information about the program? The website doesn’t seem to provide any details at all. Has anyone else received this invitation? This has definitely moved Allegheny up on my list. If anyone is wondering my stats were 1280 SAT and 3.7 GPA w/ a ton of ECs and essays were 10/10. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

I wasn’t aware they had an honors program either. My dd has not received anything on this, and she does have similar stats (3.7 and 32 superscored ACT) Had you already been accepted and then just received the invite? Does the letter describe specific benefits of the program?

Yes I was admitted around mid-December with 30k/yr scholarships and just received the invite yesterday. The letter lists the benefits to be “early and continued access to a faculty advisor,” “residence together in a Living Learning Community,” “a first year seminar,” “priority opportunities for mentoring,” “guaranteed funding through the Allegheny Gateway,” and “priority consideration for special interest housing sophomore year.” It also says I need to make a decision by March 9 which concerns me because I won’t have all of my decisions back by then so I won’t know if I have better offers coming.

My daughter got an invite today as well. SHe’s going to email to find out more specifically about the March 9 date. Is that just to accept the Honors invite or do you have to actually commit to the school? That seems kind of unfair.

I agree. Please let me know what her counselor says as I had the same concerns.

My daughter clicked the “very interested” link tonight. We are so happy for her!

I don’'t think its more than an “I’m interested” commitment. You don’t have to send a deposit.

My daughter did the same, though she has not yet committed to the school. Still awaiting decisions from 8 schools.

Today I clicked the “I’ve made other plans for the fall” option. Although I haven’t made a final decision, I’m leaning heavily toward the University of Rochester and have ruled out Allegheny from my list. Still waiting for a few decisions but Rochester was my #1 so I think my mind is made up.

@senior14548 may I ask if you got merit from URoch? My daughter is still waiting to hear if she’s been admitted. She liked URoch a lot, but we’ve heard they are stingy with merit.

I received $10k/yr in merit that I qualified for from winning the George Eastman Young Leaders Award my junior year. Not as much as I’d hoped for, but still better than other schools (that aren’t as prestigious) have given me.